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The Top 5 Metaverse Games to Play in 2023



Metaverse has been the heart of the digital world since facebook’s name was changed to Meta. It sparked curiosity among people, and many learned about the mysterious world and its uses. Some joined the Metaverse for trading, some for attending to their businesses, while some joined it just for entertainment like meeting new people, shopping, or attending concerts.

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The demand for applications to get accustomed to the Metaverse also increased, and many existing games and simulations so the opportunity and upgrading their software to be compatible with the Metaverse.

This article is dedicated to all gamers. We have found some fantastic gaming sites, which were all regular ones before Metaverse got mainstream but now have added upgrades to their platforms to fit in the Metaverse.

  1. Decentraland

Invented by an Argentinian duo of developers, Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano, Decentraland made its first public appearance in 2020. Its currency MANA is used to buy tokens and LAND, which refers to an actual piece of land. Covering over 90,000 land parcels, you can buy real estate, a house, a cinema, a library, or any building. You can also generate revenue by organizing live performances and exhibitions. The virtual currency wallet used for Decentraland is MetaMask.

  1. Sandbox

First launched in 2012 by two French developers, Arthur Madrid and Sébastien Borget is a user-generated platform where the players have block-like customizable avatars and can become owners of their creations via blockchain and smart contracts. The currency of Sandbox is called Sand, through which you can purchase and sell lands and estates selected from the Sandbox map. You can also put your properties on auction in the Open Sea NFT market.

  1. Chain of Alliance

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A role-playing game launched in 2020, Chain of Alliance allows users to get involved in a fantasy game by creating customizable creatures with the value of NFT. In your team, you have to fill up eight monsters every round. If you want to increase your winning chances, you should identify your strongest players and get them ready with the best weapons.

  1. Krystopia

Specially made for puzzle and maze enthusiasts, Krystopia is an adventure game where you play as Captain Nova Dune, who is an explorer of space. She is heading to the planet of Krystopia after receiving a distress signal from the place. Captain Dune and her alien pet Skrii will encounter the people of Krystopia and get into complex and tricky challenges in the game.

  1. Prospectors

It is a multiple-player economic strategy game that takes you to the Wild West of the 19th century. To accomplish the goal, you have to find gold which will be converted into the official currency of the game, that is, Prospectors Gold. In the beginning, you will get three worker players you can employ to work for yourself or someone else. Like, they can build a mine and start the mining process. Mining can be done on free land, but to build structures on the land, you’ll have to rent it. If you cannot pay the rent, your land will be blocked, and all your stuff will be set up for an auction.

Final Statement

We found practically all of the games fascinating when researching them. If you are an avid gamer and want to be a part of the Metaverse, then you should definitely go for these games. And if you are an enthusiastic crypto miner, you might want to check out the-meta-profit.com, which is an online broker website and app that gives you the best ROI on your money. That concludes this article. We had a good time writing it, and we hope you like reading and will enjoy playing the games as well.


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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.