The Morning After: SpaceX is launching 60 Starlink internet satellites

The drone maker fights back.DJI Osmo Action review: A worthy GoPro rival

DJI’s first action camera comes out fighting, with a price and feature set that should grab GoPro’s (and your) attention. Neat features like a small front display and HDR video set it apart, and compatibility with its rival’s accessories will make the transition easy. According to James Trew, there are some glaring omissions, including GPS, limited voice controls and basic social sharing options. But if you’re looking for a GoPro alternative, the Action is a solid choice. For everyone else, it’ll come down to some minor differences.

Most of the benefits of the X-T3 for $600 less.Fujifilm X-T30 review: A street photography and 4K-video champ

If you have the budget for a mid-range camera, the 26.1-megapixel X-T30 delivers the same image quality as the X-T3 for a whole $600 less. It has excellent handling, fast shooting speeds and autofocus performance nearly on par with Sony’s A6400. The big bonus is video, as the X-T30 delivers crisp, downsampled cinema 4K with 10-bit external output and a USB headphone-jack option. The main downsides are a lack of in-body stabilization, smallish battery and single UHS I card slot. Steve Dent tests it out.

Krypton-powered Hall thrusters will help the satellites dodge space junk.Tonight SpaceX will (again) try launching a rocket filled with 60 Starlink internet satellites

Now that SpaceX can reliably reuse Falcon rockets, part of its plan is to launch a network of satellites that provide broadband internet service around the globe. Now we know more about how the individual Starlink satellites will work, the only thing left is to get them up there. A launch attempt last night ended up scrubbed due to excess upper level winds, so we’re waiting for the backup launch window, scheduled to open tonight at 10:30 PM ET.

The world is filled with technological pitfalls and online dangers.A parent’s guide to raising a good digital citizen

Being a good digital citizen means being a responsible one: educating yourself and your kids about the digital world, participating in it in positive ways, questioning it and using technology as a tool to make the world a bit brighter (and not in some post-apocalyptic-neon-shroom-cloud way). But how do kids learn digital citizenship? The same way they learn how to be good citizens: They watch good role models, and they practice.

“You look incredible, Engadget Reader.‘Black Mirror’ season five trailer has Miley Cyrus and an ego-stroking robot

Black Mirror is back. It’s not an interactive affair this time, but you can expect three new stories early next month.

Owners can request free replacements.Google recalls Titan security keys because of a Bluetooth vulnerability

Because of a vulnerability in the way they connect over Bluetooth, Google announced a recall for some of its Titan security keys. Actually exploiting the flaw would require taking advantage of a very narrow set of circumstances, timing and relatively close physical proximity, so owners are still likely safer using the devices for login and phishing protection than not using them. Still, it’s an example of why others decided to avoid Bluetooth for their hardware keys in favor of NFC or USB.

There’s a jarring moment in Neil Strauss’ true-crime podcast.‘To Live and Die in LA’ shows how much Google knows about you

10 years after Google flipped the switch on Location History, we live in a sea of information where a podcast journalist can trace the explicit movements of a stranger accused of murder in California, all from the comfort of his own cell phone.

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