The latest entry in the battle royale genre is 'Tetris Royale'

In context: Battle royale (BR) games are all the rage lately, and if the wild success of Fortnite and Apex Legends is anything to go by, it’s a fairly profitable genre to get into. As such, it was no surprise to see companies that typically make wildly different games — such as Fallout, Call of Duty, and Battlefield — jump on the bandwagon with their own BR game modes.

However, even with the popularity and lucrative nature of BR games in mind, very few people could have anticipated the latest entry into the market: “Tetris Royale.”

Tetris Royale is the first official project to surface from publisher/developer hybrid N3twork’s recent partnership with The Tetris Company. Tetris Royale is intended to be a “fresh Tetris [experience]” that will harness the “global popularity” of the franchise.

Tetris Royale is intended to be a “fresh Tetris [experience]” that will harness the “global popularity” of the franchise.

Tetris Royale’s core gameplay loop isn’t that much different from other games in the long-running puzzle series. Blocks of various shapes will fall from the sky, and it’s the player’s job to rotate them to create rows. The twist comes in the form of a “100-player competitive mode” where players will try to top the leaderboards every season.

In true “live service” fashion, there will be daily challenges to complete, cosmetic customization rewards, as well as power-ups and boosters that you’ll be able to use in-game.

Tetris Royale is still in development, but its beta is expected to launch in “select territories” sometime this year on iOS and Android mobile devices. N3twork and The Tetris Company have not described the game’s revenue model, but it will probably be a free-to-play game monetized by microtransactions; like most other popular BRs on the market.

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