• Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

The Future of Crypto Trading: How Millionero is Leading the Way for Beginners



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Crypto trading is where the money’s at, as retail and institutional investors alike have been realizing in the post-Covid times. The 2021 crypto bull run sure attracted the undivided attention of even the most orthodox, traditional investors. And from all across the world. For example, lawmakers in the European Parliament having approved the very first global, comprehensive set of rules for the regulation of the crypto markets under their jurisdiction, crypto trading in Europe is currently gaining traction faster than ever.

With so many newcomers in crypto trading in Europe, the need of the hour is beginner-friendly crypto exchanges to help them out, and remove steep learning curves. Millionero is a newer crypto exchange to have initiated operations in multiple European countries with the hopes of going completely global soon. They are ticking all the right boxes at being a simple, beginner-friendly platform for crypto trading in Europe so far. How? Let’s check out some of the prevalent features of Millionero:

How is Millionero Leading the Way as a Beginner-Friendly Exchange for Being Crypto Trading in Europe?

  • The sign-up process for Millionero is simple and requires just your email and a strong password, already setting the platform up for a smooth user experience.
  • Millionero starts off right with an uncomplicated, simple user interface that doesn’t bombard you with crypto world jargon and technicalities a beginner will surely find too difficult to understand. 


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Instead, Millionero chooses a decluttered interface for your profile home page, with the handy option for you to switch between light and dark modes for the utmost comfort of your eyes.

  • Millionero offers two markets: one for spot trading and the other for perpetual trading. Both, following the theme of simplicity, contain only the necessary information. The spot market features the current price of your chosen crypto,   market highs and lows in your specified period of time, and volume. Similarly, the perpetual market features your wallet balance, equity, open profit and loss, and your leverage information.
  • Millionero brings multiple easy withdrawal and deposit options for the ultimate ease of users when trying to purchase crypto or withdraw their funds. For buying crypto and having them deposited to your wallet, you have Coinify, simplex, and Banxa so you can transfer your fiat funds, and you have Simplex that lets you buy with debit or credit cards in particular.


For withdrawals, there’s Coinify and Banxa again that let you withdraw your funds in BTC, and Transak allowing you to withdraw in BTC, ETH, and USDT. Plus, there’s the Crypto Network to directly withdraw your crypto.

  • It’s a given that newcomers into the crypto space won’t be able to make successful, profitable trades right off the bat. Which is why platforms for crypto trading in Europe should be thinking of other ways to incentivize new users while they learn the ropes of the actual crypto trading part. Millionero scores here with a lucrative referral program.

The Millionero referral program allows traders to earn passive income by inviting their friends to trade alongside them, and earning from their trading fees. The Millionero users are provided a referral code upon signing up. For every direct referral, a user gets their friends placed at tier 1 for themselves as part of the referral program. 

There are 5 referral tiers in total. Each direct referral of the aforementioned tier 1 people are placed on tier 2 for a user, and every subsequent referral invite is placed upon tier 3, 4, and 5 respectively. 

The Millionero referral program allows a user to earn up to 55% of the trading fees their referrals pay to Millionero. Added perks include no upper limit to the number of referrals, and a 10% discount to the referrals on spot and perpetual trading fees when they make use of the referral code an existing user shares with them.