The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

What is AI?

In present day, Artificial Intelligence is a field that expands continuously, ranging from self-driving cars to robots able to carry out human-like tasks, from the popular virtual assistant SIRI to the VR headset that enhance game playing by giving the best actions and dynamics. To be more specific, Artificial Intelligence is better known as narrow AI (or weak AI) because it is designed to perform a specific and narrow task, for example driving a car only, recognizing facial features only, etc.

What does AI do?

The goal that researchers would like to attain is the creation of general Artificial Intelligence, also defined as AGI or strong AI. While narrow Artificial Intelligence can outperform humans in specific tasks, general Artificial Intelligence will outperform them in basically every cognitive task.

Why is there a lot of interest in Artificial Intelligence

WThis relatively new technology is considered to be very beneficial for the human race. What are these benefits? In the first place, AI is very important because it motivates research in multiple fields like economics and law or technical areas, especially those related to safety and security.


Artificial Intelligence Robots are in our future.

Developing Artificial Intelligence could also help

Prevent a war fought with the use of autonomous weapons, a type of conflict considered to be the future of modern warfare. Another possible benefit due to research on Artificial Intelligence is the creation of extremely high tech inventions that, being superior to human intellect, could be helpful in eradicating world plagues such as poverty, hunger, war, etc.

There are more benefits to developing Artificial Intelligence

The most obvious one is surely making life for humans easier. How is this possible? Artificial Intelligence would definitely remove the burden of tedious tasks and the load of human labor, especially when human intervention is not paramount for a successful outcome.

What are examples of Artificial Intelligence?

There are more benefits to the development of Artificial Intelligence. Just to give a simple example, the ability to forecast the weather conditions will be much easier if AI is applied because the tools implemented to observe and analyze climate data will be more accurate, thus narrowing the gap between the interpretation of the weather and the information available. Major disasters related to climate (fires and flooding for instance) could be easily prevented applying algorithms.

Are there more benefits to Artificial Intelligence?

Another important benefit of Artificial Intelligence is the removal of responsibilities in a society where few individuals are expected to take important decisions. It won’t be hard to understand that great responsibilities are synonym to a lot of stress and other psychological consequences.

Developing Artificial Intelligence can also…

Result in less chances for humans to make mistakes. As a matter of fact, when applied to technology, AI is basically error free, being this one of the reasons why industries and organizations would rather implement Artificial Intelligence.

To sum up Artificial Intelligence…

As the benefits listed above indicate, Artificial Intelligence will have a positive impact in human life making it easier and safer. According to some, this kind of intelligence could potentially be harmful but research and planning are clearly showing the opposite.

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