BitKeep NFT Market Soars to Top 2 on Polygon

As of 1 Feb 2023, BitKeep NFT Market has taken the number 2 spot on the top NFT marketplaces on Polygon, according to data from DappRadar, a platform that allows users to...
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Pocket Network

Michael O’Rourke of Pocket Network on Blockchain Relays and the DeFi Ecosystem

  Blockchain relays are a relatively unknown component of decentralized infrastructure within ecosystems. Their importance, however, is critical to the functionality and security of the networks they serve. Many of...
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NFTs 2023

What Are Fractional NFTs And How Do They Impact Real-World Investments?

  Fractional NFTs are nonfungible tokens that let users divide an NFT into many fractions. The division helps in reducing the barrier to entry for investing in real-world assets. While...
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What Is Lens Protocol And How Does It Operate?

What Is Lens Protocol And How Does It Operate?

  Lens Protocol is a decentralized social graph designed to simplify the development of Web3 social platforms. The innovation and booming popularity of social media began at the start of...
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Leading Multichain Payments Solution UTtrust Announces Polygon Integration

Leading cryptocurrency payment solution Utrust adds support for Polygon transactions, bringing benefits like multi-chain transactions, faster speeds and cheap gas fees to users. Utrust has added support for USDT on Polygon...
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The Future of Money: The End of Cash and the Rise of Digital Currencies

Digital Currencies have been in the talks for the past decade, but people are still not confident about investing in them or using them. Some developed countries have legalized the...
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The Top Blockchains for NFTs

Over the past decade, blockchain technology has risen dramatically in scope, penetrating the mainstream lens as a novel alternative to storing one’s assets. This technology has a wide range of...
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What is AltLayer? We ask Dr Yaoqi Jia CEO of AltLayer

AltLayer is a hyper-scalable and disposable execution layer that relies on optimistic execution similar to optimistic rollups. It can be viewed as a Layer 3 protocol that derives its security directly...
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Boomland & Polygon Studios Partner Up in an Exciting Collaboration

 For the Blockchain Gaming World! Top Web3 Blockchain Gaming Platform, BoomLand, will enable millions of gamers to experience intuitive GameFi via a Polygon-based Supernet ecosystem in a new collaboration with...
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Stefan Heinrich & Akiva Bamberger of mayk.it Explain Music NFTs and More 

  Music NFTs are one of the most obscure forms of intellectual property available within the web3 space. It is quite rare to see music tracks sold within the industry...
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