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Student Opportunity: How to Buy and Invest in Cryptocurrency



Great tips for all students that would like to buy and invest in cryptocurrency to help you make profits and attain a good financial position despite the different challenges that you are likely to experience as a learner.

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Students considering buying cryptocurrency for investing should first know where to source the currencies legally and easily, as they might get scammed or get very overpriced coins. There are two main ways in which students can get cryptocurrency online.

The first is by buying the crypto online like any other assets, and then they might decide to trade with those coins, while the second is for the students to get coins by “mining” the coins online. This involves the students using their gadgets to solve complex online mathematical questions, and if their answers are correct, they are paid in coins or a portion of the coin.

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Coin mining requires great amounts of electricity and computer power to carry out. Comparing the two sources of cryptocurrency, students should prefer using the online buying method as it is easier to get the coins, and they don’t need to incur the cost of the high power required during coin mining.

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After sourcing the coins, the next step for the students should know how to trade their coins to make a profit. There are different types of cryptocurrency investments that students should consider;

Investing in cryptocurrency companies: Students should consider investing their coins in companies that deal with cryptocurrency fully or partially. Such companies might include cryptocurrency mining companies that require large amounts of cryptocurrency, companies such as PayPal that also support cryptocurrency, and other hardware mining makers.

Investing in cryptocurrency Roth Individual Retirement Account (IRA): Students investing their cryptocurrency this way get the benefits of garnering the tax benefits afforded by the (IRA) Individual Retirement Account. IRA cryptocurrency providers also offer more secure and stable storage for their clients.

Investing in cryptocurrency-based funds: sometimes, choosing among various cryptocurrency companies might be difficult and hectic; hence students might decide to invest in crypto-focused funds. Using this investment method allows the students to have various exchange-traded funds to choose from, such as future benefits and funds and other cryptocurrency investment trusts.

Investing in cryptocurrency mining or validation: students might decide to invest in a more direct way of mining or validating online coins where they earn and get paid in cryptocurrency, and then they might decide to hold them to accumulate more profit, sell them at a profit or convert the cryptocurrency to other currencies.

Investing in buying the coins directly: students can buy cryptocurrency directly and then store them in online wallets awaiting the right time to sell them or for their value to increase. Major digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are the priority as they tend to maintain a higher value even after major price fluctuations. Students specializing in this kind of crypto investment can get their profits in three different ways:

1. Buying at a low and holding: Students might buy their coins when their prices are low, hold on to them until their prices have risen to the desired profit, and then sell them.

2. Shorting: This is when the students sell their crypto when the prices fall. This is a risky method as it may lead to more losses if the prices go up rather than dropping.

3. Fast\instant trading: This is when the students don’t hold on to the cryptocurrency for a long period but prefers to buy at a low price and then sell them off immediately at a profit and before much

price fluctuations. This saves the students from unnecessary losses as the prices might dip or shoot up at any time.

Students who chose the exchange of their cryptocurrency as their mode of trade should be well aware of the steps, they should follow to guarantee a safe cryptocurrency transaction via exchange. These steps include:

Choose the type of cryptocurrency they need

The student in a profit maximization process will need to consider the most suitable currency to exchange to so they don’t get into losses and end up getting inferior currency. The most suitable exchange should be well-known, reliable, and have more demand and value.

Create, secure and verify your account

Students must submit their official personal details while creating their accounts and have them throughout the account verification process. The created account offers students a safe trade platform and a trustworthy account to keep their currencies.

Load cash to your account

The students’ main intention is to carry out transactions; they should load their newly created accounts with cash that would be enough to cater for the whole intended transaction to cover both the currency cost and the transaction cost. Students can also choose the main currency they intend to use, such as the U.S. Dollar, Sterling Pound, Euro, or Canadian Dollar.

Choose the cryptocurrency to buy

Different students will have different choices when it comes to the cryptocurrency they prefer to use. The students can buy a single or various types of cryptocurrencies they need while still using the same account. Students should do proper research into which cryptocurrencies they should venture into.

Create a buying offer for the chosen cryptocurrency

Different platforms have different protocols which the sellers and the buyers of the cryptocurrency will have to follow for a successful trade. Students venturing into this field will need to, first of all, understand the platform’s protocols.

Get a digital wallet for your cryptocurrency

After purchasing the cryptocurrency needed, students should obtain a digital wallet that can hold and keep all the cryptocurrency bought safely for as long as the owner requires.

In conclusion, students considering buying cryptocurrency for investing should first know where to source the currencies legally and easily, as they might get scammed or get very overpriced coins. The tips discussed in this article will assist students better understanding how to buy and invest in cryptocurrency.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.