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SharkRace Metaverse IDO is Coming

Shark Race

 On the Verge of a New Phenomenon from the NFT World

SINGAPORE, — SharkRace Club, the world’s first NFT Project with Rarity Upgrade and play-to-earn Metaverse 3D Game is now available for viewing on all social media! Soon, the SharkRace Club will conduct its IDO, within which SharkCoin tokens (SHRK) will become available for early investors.

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The most recent technologies have come together in the SharkRace Club. The global two-in-one project integrates premium-quality collectible NFT art and play-to-earn NFT game providing maximum utility and fun for its users.

SharkRace Club exclusive 20,001 pieces generative NFT Sharks collection is created by high-profile Cannes Lions awarded artists who have worked with top illustration brands including Disney and created key visuals for the Olympics.

Built on the BSC blockchain the 3D collection has 1000+ hand-drawn traits ensuring that every NFT Shark owner gets a unique experience with his piece of art. Delivered in ultra-high 4K resolution (2400×2400), NFTs vary by rarity indexes and are distributed randomly.

NFT Sharks holders are provided access to the Rarity Upgrade Creative Platform where they can express themselves as a true artist while customizing a higher-level NFT asset!

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SharkRace is a Club project. Once you buy NFT from the SharkRace, you become a part of the Club and receive lots of privileges, including access to Rarity Upgrade platform, lifelong royalties, voting rights, staking preferences and also free Game-pack with three different gaming NFT meta-sharks and a gift card for the play-to-earn game!

Each shark can have its rarity index upgraded by buying items in the Rarity Store. The shop will resemble an online clothing store. There will be a fitting room, where you can try on different items and see how they fit your shark. Each accessory comes as a separate rare BEP-721 NFT. After you’ve chosen an item and pressed the “dress button”, a smart contract will burn the initial image of your NFT and create a new one with the chosen accessory integrated in place of an old trait. The meta-data of your collectible will be changed to reflect the new rarity index of your shark.

Members of the SharkRace Club will be able to enter the 3D play2earn game and fight for the RaceBank and unique NFT prizes deep down the shark’s metaverse. Cross-platform play-to-earn 3D game uses special gaming meta-sharks and BEP-1155 NFTs

Built on Unreal Engine 4, this is a game with breath-taking challenges where participants can earn, try their luck and enjoy the race. Players can get extra skills, lives, boosters, etc. and select one of the three types of meta-sharks which suit their gaming style best. The game provides a great way to earn money with zero input just by selling in-game artifacts which you have gained through the race. In the group tournament, the prize fund will be generated by the SharkRace platform sales. Additionally, players will be able to initiate their own team-play with bids provided by them. Various leagues and fascinating tracks will be released in the Shark Race.

SharkRace team has extensive experience in blockchain solutions. Together they’ve developed a working, easy to use, Tizer crypto wallet (available on Apple Store and Google Play). The wallet infrastructure is integrated into the SharkRace Game Platform, making it easy for anyone to join the Shark Race game, regardless of their experience with crypto and without the necessity to connect any crypto wallet, although the project is fully compatible with other wallets as well.

Behind the SharkRace Club is a global team of enthusiastic and talented individuals with lots of plans and ideas for future development of the project. With a number of very knowledgeable advisors and big-time backers behind this project, SharkRace team is confident this project will be amazing!

The BSC blockchain network is the foundation for the SharkRace game platform, enabling fast transactions and all the operations within the game to occur through smart contracts.

SharkCoin (SHRK) is the SharkRace Club’s native token developed on the BSC blockchain. SharkCoin can be used for all transactions, such as: buying an NFT, rarity upgrade, game transactions, marketplace, and can also be staked.

The total supply is 1 billion, initial market cap – $328,480.

SharkRace Club token IDO is due on 3 March 2022 on Seedify, Enjinstarter, Oxbull, Synapse, Prostarter, Paragen launchpads.

Social Links

Twitter https://twitter.com/sharkraceclub

Discord https://discord.gg/QfJBtVHhTz

Telegram https://t.me/sharkraceclub

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sharkraceclub/

Medium https://medium.com/@sharkrace_club?p=4af8e97cc7b9

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJhGKULXqXWjWzb_ocX1sWg

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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