Seasonic To Increase Power Supply Prices In United States Next Month

In a bit of an unusual move, Seasonic is announcing in advance that they intend to increase the prices of most of their power supplies in the United States. Citing “recent market developments” – i.e. the tariffs imposed by the U.S. government on select components manufactured in China – the company will be increasing the recommended prices of its products to cover the higher costs. The new MSRPs will become effective on December 1st, 2018,

Once the new prices go into effect, all Seasonic products made in China and sold in the U.S. will become $5 to $20 more expensive, depending on the product and its original price. It’s worth noting that Seasonic is listing their manufacturer suggested retail prices here, and these are not the prices that retailers are actually paying for the hardware. So actual retail prices will depend both on what the real cost is to retailers, and what kind of margins they’re aiming for.

Meanwhile, all orders placed prior to December 1st will be priced at current levels. So there is plenty of time before the price increases take effect (though, this will depend on particular retailers).

One other thing to keep in mind about Seasonic is that it also produces PSUs for numerous brands, including Corsair, NZXT, XFX, and a number of others. So don’t be surprised if the company’s downstream customers follow suit, as they’re going to be impacted by the same tariff increases. It remains to be seen how significant those increases might be, but it is something that’s seemingly inevitable given the current situation on the market.

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Source: Seasonic

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