Propulsive Introduces Infographic on Building a Token-Based Flywheel for Blockchain-Based Businesses

San Francisco, Calif., April 18, 2019 – Propulsive, a blockchain-focused PR and marketing agency, released an infographic detailing the step-by-step process for blockchain startups to create a token-based flywheel to grow their business as well as engage their customers and partners.


The infographic uses the principles of a token economy, creating reward-based incentives for customers and partners to encourage business growth and development, to create a business flywheel which is a representative model of many small reinforcements of growth leading to exponential business growth in the future.


“The blockchain industry has continually been troubled by scams, but the technology has this immense capability to create totally new ways to deliver peer-to-peer services,” Propulsive’s co-founder, Stephanie Tramicheck said. “The process of building a token economy is remarkably simple, any blockchain business, regardless of their resources, can build one. You don’t need a PhD in finance to do it, which is what we find so special about them.”


In a token economy, a company selects a number of actions or manners of behavior they want to see from their users that will promote the growth of their platform and business, and rewarding those that exhibit those behaviors with token rewards. These tokens have no intrinsic value, but are paired with a tangible reward system in which the tokens can be exchanged for prizes such as gift cards, free uses of their platforms services or exclusive perks.


“By providing incentives for users to behave in a certain way, the business creates a win-win scenario for all parties involved, including users, business partners and the business itself,” Tramicheck said. “It is an extremely powerful growth tool, especially for creative startups looking to build their market presence.”

The infographic can be found at the following link:

About Propulsive:

Created for tech founders and marketers in the blockchain space, Propulsive is a marketing agency obsessed with finding Product/Market Fit for their clients. Propulsive executes their customers’ go-to-market plans to launch distributed Apps (dApps) and acquire strong user bases. They have helped more than 30 tech startups in the consumer and blockchain spaces in the journey toward growth. Propulsive designs tactics around their client’s strengths to maximize their impact.



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