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Polka City Joins CryptoWorldCon in Miami


MIAMI, Jan. 06, 2022– There is only a little more than 80 days left for CryptoWorldCon (CWC), the event of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies that is focused on cutting-edge schemes and trends in the blockchain market, arriving in Miami on April 1, 2022, held at James L. Knight Center, Miami’s most prominent and renowned venue. This event comprises high-profile individuals, companies, investors, and organizations that will create a global impact converting Miami into the epicenter of the blockchain and cryptocurrency community.

Polka City has partnered with Moonwalker USA, Inc. to support CryptoWorldCon (CWC) 2022, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency conference/trade shows in April, Miami, Florida.

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CryptoWorldCon will focus on cutting-edge schemes and trends in the blockchain market and forming B2B relationships in the blockchain. With a heavy emphasis on blockchain in finance, becoming a game-changing experience, the entire event will be entertaining, filled with activities that will further improve the knowledge and network experience of the attendees. In addition, CryptoWorldCon presents a careful selection of speakers designed to spice up the CWC discussion panels, making the entire event engaging by having a variety of value-added strategies, opportunities, and mentoring for the attendees.

“We are excited to join and support CWC 2022,” said Polka City Lead Developer Carmelo Milian. “This event strengthens Polka City’s mission to bring together different blockchain projects in a user-friendly place. Soon, we will all meet in the Polka City Meta-verse. But, until then, Miami will have to do.” Carmelo Milian will be present at the event as a keynote speaker sharing his project and thoughts on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

CryptoWorldCon (CWC) Miami 2022 presents Jordan Belfort, the former stockbroker and author of “The Wolf of Wall Street,” who will be a VIP guest speaker at the event, along with another 30 speakers from around the world.

Uniting Blockchain Projects in Easy-to-Use Metaverse

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Polka City is an NFT-powered, chain-agnostic Metaverse. The Polka City platform solves the silo problem in blockchain by offering users a fun, user-friendly meta to access their favorite blockchain projects, from play to earn games to lending.

“The biggest problem in blockchain today is the high number of silos. Before Polka City, there was no convenient way for users to access their favorite blockchain projects in one integrated metaverse,” explained Gregory Frank of Blockchain Research Partners. “A metaverse that brings together different worlds just makes sense.”

Polka City has a robust economy, only gamified. Users may earn by playing their favorite games or borrowing from their favorite blockchain lenders to start their businesses. Meta-world businesses like virtual nightclubs will stream exclusive audio and video content to metaverse users worldwide. They may bid for advertising space or may build a portal to another metaverse.

Miami or The Metaverse

CWC 2022 will be held April 1-2, 2022, at the James L. Knight Center in Miami, Florida, and for users worldwide in the Polka City Metaverse.

For beginners looking for investors and strategic partners, this is the place to be. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the most critical blockchain and cryptocurrency event of the year. Be part of the game-change community that creates a social and economic impact in the world.

For more details regarding this event, please visit www.cryptoworldcon.com.

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