Naughty Dog details the extensive accessibility in 'The Last of Us Part II'

Naughty Dog declared that The Last of Us Part II would be one of the most accessible games yet in a recent interview with The Verge, but it’s now clear exactly how far the studio was willing to go to make sure people could play. The developer has detailed all 60 (!) of the settings you can change, and some of them go well beyond what you’d anticipate. There are options for people with little to no sight or hearing, such as a high-contrast mode (shown above) or audio and vibration cues. You can also remap virtually any control and tone down motion effects. In some ways, though, the changes to gameplay itself may be the most notable.

TLoU Part II doesn’t just have multiple general skill levels — you can alter numerous aspects of the game to suit your physical abilities. You can add assistance for navigation, limit enemy capabilities and skip puzzles, for instance. And while there are overall difficulty adjustments, you can also fine-tune the challenge for your character, enemies, allies and even aspects like stealth or resource gathering. You might not have to muddle through a segment that’s beyond what your body can handle.

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