• Mon. May 20th, 2024

Metabloqs Announces the Launch of New Metaverse Project



 Recently, Metabloqs has announced the launch of its Metaverse project, where users can network, learn, and play. The year 2021 was the year of the buzzword “Metaverse”, but once the noise settled down, some fundamentally great projects appeared. One of the names popping up in the Web 3 space is Metabloqs. Metabloqs is building a unique metaverse that involves people from all lifestyles.

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As more and more people have a genuine interest in the virtual space for entertainment, work, commerce, and more, there is an urgent need for platforms that democratize this space and foster trusted connections. Metabloqs’ advanced matching algorithm is designed to connect like-minded people and foster social connections. The platform does not rely on absolute anonymity and data selling but encourages interaction within the community with transparency to build trust.

Metabloqs for Crypto Enthusiasts

Metabloqs focuses on delivering a platform that helps crypto enthusiasts and early adopters navigate their field. If you are a blockchain enthusiast interested in gaming, Turn Stars into Token, Learn to Earn, or NFTs, the Metabloqs platform is a one-stop solution for all your needs. People can not only create and own virtual assets but also monetize user experiences on the platform. Become a part of Metabloqs metaverse and buy virtual assets like land and rare goods and create a world that’s seamless and play as a tailor-made avatar (e.g. Gandhi NFT) in a football match.

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Metabloqs for Students

Metabloqs is also targeting students who want to have a virtual party, meet exciting people with similar interests, learn something new, or earn or save some extra money, all this is offered by Metabloqs. Unlike metaverses which try to only maximize their return on investment, Metabloqs tries to create a democratic and sustainable platform that adds value to its users.

Metabloqs for Startups

Metabloqs also believes in empowering startups and giving them a boost in their early stages by providing them with visibility for their solutions. If you are a startup or a tech-savvy professional looking to network and interact with a community of people with similar interests, Metabloqs is the place for you! Hold a professional meeting, host events, find investors, talents, and partners and create a community, and give your brand a voice and trade on the platform.

Metabloqs-Building cities and buildings

Metabloqs aims to create meta cities that resemble real-world cities to provide a truly immersive experience to their users. Paris will be the first city to go live. To build projects, users can present their projects and the community can vote and accept the proposal (DAO feature). The holder of the upcoming native Metabloqs token (BLOQS) will be able to buy land and build a house, or an office or a fun park or anything they desire and even sell their created NFTs in the marketplace.

Why should people not miss being early adopters?

Metabloqs is pushing the boundaries in the digital space and making it accessible for everyone. Metabloqs is intending to build a fully functional and sustainable metaverse economy to narrow down the gap of the existing metaverse. The platform does so by incentivizing trusted connections. The project is still in a nascent stage and getting into the ecosystem will only get difficult with time. The first 5’000 registered users will get land and a rare good NFT, so hurry up and check Metabloqs website.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.