• Sun. May 19th, 2024

Meta Reality Realms Launches First NFT Collection

Meta Reality Realms

Backed by Real-World Land Properties

First-Ever NFTs Backed By Real Land Assets

Meta reality Realm

DENVER, Meta Reality Realms announced today its official launch introducing its first-ever NFT collection of real-world properties.

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As part of its launch, anyone will now have the opportunity to turn their real-world properties and assets into NFTs to be sold on the blockchain. This original take on NFTs, spearheaded by Meta Reality Realms, is the first of its kind to allow investors that own physical land to obtain both a physical and virtual warranty deed for their property.

Each deed allows investors to not just own the digital art but also the blockchain-based NFT ID, which is expected to unlock endless possibilities in future Augmented Reality Zone sites that will exist both physically and virtually.

“Alongside cryptocurrency, land will be the most important asset to own in the future,” explained Meta Reality Realms founder and CEO, Aaron Beltran. “Our NFTs are backed by real-world assets that anyone should be thinking about investing in, as the future of augmented reality gets closer.”

The future of Augmented Reality Zone sites is still progressing. By bringing awareness to NFTs backed by physical property, Meta Reality Realms is committed to preparing investors for the virtual future.

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Meta Reality Realms is the first company to allow real land ownership to be purchased and sold on the blockchain. To turn your real land into virtual reality property, please visit www.metarealityrealms.com.

About Meta Reality Realms 

At Meta Reality Realms, we create NFTs backed by real-world properties and assets that allow you to turn the world into your playground. Own an NFT of your physical property and get ready to dive into the virtual future. Enjoy from home, explore the world.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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