Is NXS Coin Safe?

Is it safe to trade NXS Coin?

One good thing about NXS Coin is the fact that it includes a check and balance system for sending tokens to other people. This makes its blockchain reliable. 

In simple terms, it is a safe token to trade in current markets. This is thanks to its wallet where the tokens are stored. Don’t bother about compatibility, it is supported by Windows, Mac and even Linux!

 The History of NXS COIN

NXS Coin was launched in 2014. It was first named Coinshield (and was also renamed a year later). Its main objective was an open-source blockchain that would support the common decentralization and innovative applications that provide great value to the traders. The common belief though yet unproven is that quantum computing can access current blockchains once they have been developed. The Nexus project is aimed at building a “quantum-resistant blockchain” that is not subject to attacks from even quantum systems.

The reason why NXS Coin is respected in the market is because of the motive for which it was developed. Started by a small group of software architects led by Collin Cantrell, the developers managed to shake some ground in the cryptocurrency market with their token. This has been improving with the addition of features. These features are focused on the security and safety of transactions on its blockchain.

In March 2020, NXS Coin was valued at $0.1073. This is sadly one of its lowest prices historically. It is not the only cryptocurrency that is currently suffering from the current global economic malaise. COVID-19 among other factors are causing the financial markets to slide.


Thanks to its architecture, this token has a lot of features to offer to every cryptocurrency enthusiast in the world! The most interesting of these is its 3D Blockchain (also called Three Dimensional Chain or 3DC). This is a three-channel blockchain that uses three distinct channels of operation to prevent decentralization. They are The Prime, Hashing, and Proof-of-Holding mechanism Channels.

The channels are focused on providing a more “affordable” mining experience,  Instead of deploying a lot of GPUs, CPUs will suffice for mining operations. So, a lot of miners would love this coin because high-level expertise isn’t needed for mining! (This only happens on the prime channel though). Full Mining activities involving mining rigs occur on the hashing channel as well.

Thanks to these features, NXS Coin has a great technical foundation. This has led to some moderate success. To many, this is not only a trustworthy way of investing money but also, a great option for those who want to get started in the cryptocurrency mining world but don’t have a lot of experience or expensive mining equipment to start with in the first place.

NXS Coin also has many benefits. The previously mentioned 3DC architecture offers better mining and safer transactions to everyone that wants to get into using this cryptocurrency token. That’s not everything! It also comes with a pretty solid telecommunications system that consists of three factors: the Mesh Networks, cube Satellites, and Ground Stations.

Thanks to its features, this cryptocurrency has been accepted by a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the globe. In 2018 it was the 118th cryptocurrency of the top 300 cryptocurrencies. It had a market capitalization of $77.05 million at that time. Due to cryptocurrency market shifts however, this value has been decreasing.

The original plan of the developers was to distribute 78 million NXS Coins before 2024. There are almost 59 million in the market currently. This means they will have to cut back their estimated date. Many in the crypto-space expect that this will cause a big change in its value. Holders of this token stand to benefit in the nearest future! It’s worth considering at the very least though.

This brings us to the big question: Is NXS Coin Safe? The short answer YES…But here is the long answer-The Nexus coin ( also known as NXS Coin) is one of the most innovative cryptocurrencies because it runs on an exclusive algorithm based on infrastructure that has been created to be better than the first-generation cryptocurrencies that changed the World forever.

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