How To De-Fi …The Book

CoinGeiko releases book outlining the De-Fi ecosystem

On March 23, CoinGecko entered the Decentralized Finance space. The company launched its DeFi book titled ‘How To DeFi’ together with a new section known as CoinGecko Earn. Both initiatives indicate an attempt by CoinGecko to play a significant role in the growing DeFi ecosystem.

“How to DeFi” is the first-ever book published that covers the ecosystem. It is targeted at beginners who want to learn more about the fast-growing ecosystem.

The book has concise yet comprehensive and elaborate guides on how to get started with many DeFi applications. It comes with a $14.99 price tag and is available on CoinGecko and Amazon.

But, during the first month of publication, CoinGecko will offer this book for free digital downloads.

The ecosystem has grown almost 15 times in the last two years, as reported by DefiPulse. In that context, CoinGecko Earn is a new section offering an overview of different lending platform.

The new section provides information on security audit records, return rates, risk scores, and much more.

For now, CoinGecko Earn displays data for at least 50 cryptocurrencies from the centralized and decentralized crypto lending platforms. Soon, CoinGecko said that it would expand this section’s datasets to include additional lending platforms and more staking data.

CoinGecko Earn data will be provided on its freely accessible public API and the CoinGecko mobile app soon. Also, a printed copy of the ‘How To DeFi’ book will be available everywhere.

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