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How Crypto Whales Hide Their Identities

How Crypto Whales Hide Their Identities

In the crypto space, there are entities called ‘whales’ who have a lot of power and influence over the market.

These crypto whales are people or entities with massive holdings of digital assets, mostly in the form of Ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and other major cryptos. Tracking whale wallets on a blockchain explorer has historically been majorly helpful in understanding market sentiments. In most cases, whale actions, from large transactions to strategic moves, can cause significant ripples in the whole crypto ecosystem.

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Crypto whales emerged alongside the surge of cryptos, specifically Bitcoin, in the early 2010s. Most early adopters and investors accumulate huge amounts of digital assets when the prices are considerably low. As the value of cryptos increased, the holdings turned them into whales within the crypto world. Some of the whales also gained their status via large-scale investments or mining activities.

A crypto whale normally holds a massive amount of crypto, usually in the millions of dollars. That can be achieved via means, including:

  • Early adoption – investing in cryptos during their early stages whenever the prices are considerably low. That could also include e being a major contributor to a highly successful project.
  • Strategic investments – making large purchases during market dips or strategic moments. Backing projects via private funding rounds can also offer considerable holdings in a token.
  • Mining – accumulating digital assets via crypto mining operations.
  • Trading profits – constantly generating profits via active trading in the crypto space.

While growing into a whale involves massive risks and investment, it can also result in considerable wealth and influence within the crypto space.

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Tools For Tracking Whale Activity

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Multiple tools and platforms exist to help track the activities of crypto whales, offering valuable insights for investors and analysts, including blockchain explorers, on-chain analytics, whale alert services, and social listening tools.

Tracking whale activity is not just beneficial but mostly becomes a must whenever somebody is entrenched in the crypto space and has to remain on top of market sentiments. Tracking whale activity comes with multiple benefits to investors and market participants:

  • Identifying whale movements and transactions can help in risk management by anticipating market shifts.
  • Understanding whale behavior offers insights into market trends, possible price movements, and investor sentiment.
  • Whale activity in an ecosystem or a crypto mostly highlights momentum, which can help in the planning of exits and entries.

Different tools used in tracking whale activity do so using different strategies.

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Blockchain Explorers

Platforms such as Etherscan and Blockchain.com enable users to explore and analyze blockchain transactions, including those involving huge amounts of crypto.

Whale Alert Services

Dedicated services like Whale Alert monitor and report massive transactions in real-time, highlighting whale activity.

On-Chain Analytics

Tools such as Glassnode offer in-depth on-chain analytics, including whale accumulation patterns and wallet movements.

Social Listening Tools

Monitoring social media and forums can also show insights into whale sentiment and possible market movements.

Privacy Measures Used By Crypto Whales While Protecting Their Identities

Crypto whales mostly implement measures to protect their identities and privacy because of the public nature of blockchain transactions. They use different strategies to protect their identities, including the use of many wallets, off-exchange storage, privacy coins, and holding assets in legal entities and tax havens.

Multiple Wallets

Crypto whales mostly distribute their holdings across many wallets to avoid centralizing their assets in a single location. By spreading their assets across various wallets, they can easily obscure the total amount of crypto they own. The strategy adds a layer of privacy and security, making it highly challenging for the outsiders to track their holdings and transactions.

Privacy Coins

Privacy-focused cryptos like Zcash (ZEC), Monero (XMR), and Dash (DASH) offer boosted privacy features compared to traditional cryptos like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Whales might use privacy coins for transactions to obscure the source, destination, and amount of funds involved. The anonymity makes it challenging for external parties to track transactions back to particular entities or individuals.

Off-Exchange Storage

Whales mostly store a huge amount of their crypto holdings in offline wallets, also called cold wallets or hardware wallets. The wallets are not linked to the internet, which reduces the chances of hacking or illegal access.

By storing assets offline, these whales protect their holdings from all forms of online threats and maintain control over their private keys, which are important for accessing and managing their cryptos.

Legal Entities

Some crypto whales decide to hold their assets via legal entities like trusts, corporations, or offshore firms. By using these entities, they can shield their identities from public scrutiny. Moreover, holding assets via legal structures may offer multiple tax benefits or asset protection advantages, subject to the jurisdiction and regulatory environment.

Tax Havens For Cryptos

Crypto whales might leverage tax havens – those jurisdictions with favorable tax policies and regulations for different financial activities – to manage their tax liabilities and boost privacy. Tax havens mostly offer lower or zero tax rates on different kinds of income, including capital gains from crypto investments. Whales might establish their entities and accounts in these jurisdictions to take advantage of tax incentives and maintain confidentiality about their financial affairs.

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