• Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

How Crypto Companies Can Avoid HR Snafus



In the rapidly growing world of crypto, it’s easy to forget that behind the big names (and little ones) is a team of employees. While the latest headlines about cryptocurrency hacks highlight some of what can go wrong, major HR snafus can cause trouble and strife as well.

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Here is how crypto companies can prevent significant harm through HR mistakes.

Use a High-Quality HR App An HR app should cover your bases by providing a wide range of appropriate features and services that the Human Resources team can rely upon. Any gaps in what the software can do will inevitably lead to something not being done right or done at all until it’s too late.

Employee information can be kept securely to prevent the wrong people from accessing it. Getting into filing cabinets doesn’t require much lock picking skills for the determined person who’s onsite and sees an opportunity to learn more. However, by digitizing everything with effective security protocols, nothing confidential falls into the wrong hands.

Document Everything

The HR department needs to document everything that’s needed.

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From an employer standpoint, this protects from false accusations of wrongdoing or failing to follow-up appropriately should a repeat of inappropriate conduct happen again. It’s all too easy for the number of employees to grow to such a point where the HR team doesn’t know everyone well.

Also, when staff turnover means some members of the team have moved elsewhere, some incidences may have happened before a new HR employee arrived. This can cause a disconnect between what happened recently and in the distant past.

Documenting better, especially when using digital software to make it more definitive, ensures that necessary disciplinary action is backed up by facts. Should lawyers get involved, the documentation protects the company from unreasonable accusations unsubstantiated by the facts.


Outdated Employees’ Handbook

The employees’ handbook is often created once and then forgotten about until it’s pulled out to see if recent misconduct is a breach of what’s been previously laid out. It’s only then that the HR team may discover to their dismay that nothing was stated clearly, if at all, about this type of misconduct.

A scheduled regular review of the employee handbook is beneficial to ensure it’s either later found to be incomplete, has inappropriate wording, or lacks new references that were badly needed. HR software that includes some boilerplate handbook passages may be used to flesh out the basics or what shouldn’t be missed.

For example, an updated communications policy covering allowable contact via phone, email, etc. on company premises is a good one. What’s acceptable with content on personal social media accounts that later reflects badly on the company is a more recent issue that needs to be clear too.

Maintaining Confidentiality with Employee Information

Employee information must be kept confidential at all times. It includes social security numbers, home address, background information, their resume, and more besides.

It’s also worth noting that medical information needs to be ring-fenced from employee information, as per the Americans with Disabilities Act. This includes any Doctors’ notes, medical leave information, and other confidential health-related documents.

By ensuring that HR is provided the resources necessary to protect employee information, process new hires, onboard appropriately, and manage disciplinary matters, crypto companies can steer clear of most potentially sticky situations.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.