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Cryptology Cryptocurrency Exchange Review



Cryptology is among the top cryptocurrency exchanges in 2021. The designers ensured to come up with an easy-to-use service with impressive features. So whether you are new to cryptocurrency or an expert, you will never encounter any difficulties.

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The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange App Introduction

Most people around the world have shifted their focus to cryptocurrency. The main thing that attracts them is the exceptional financial opportunities offered to investors. Anyone interested in joining the field can do so by registering at a reliable exchange.

Anyone interested in entering the crypto market must understand that the exchange they select is as crucial as the knowledge they have. Succeeding in the cryptocurrency sector does not only require financial skills. The exchange platform you chose also plays a significant role.

So, it will be reckless to use a mediocre service that cannot the standard trading features you need to excel in the cryptocurrency field.

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Besides mediocre platforms, scammers and fraudulent companies are there. Such services are a serious threat to investors. If you are not careful enough when doing your research, you can fall for the fraudulent platforms to lose your money. So, it is advisable to perform a thorough investigation to ensure you choose a legit exchange service.

Cryptology is among the reliable exchanges you can find. It is popular among investors, thanks to its dependable services. The platform is a crypto exchange and trading service. Besides that, customers can get passive income from digital assets using the earn tool.

The company that runs the trading platform is in Seychelles. People from various places around the globe can access it except Japan and the US.

This review will discuss the best exchange in detail.

Cryptology cryptocurrency exchange platform

Customers can access the exchange services on a desktop browser or mobile device.

Both platforms feature a user-friendly interface. In addition, the mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.

The platform can get accessed in up to twelve languages. Among them are:

● Bulgarian.

● Russian.

● English.

● French.

● Spanish.

● Korean.

● Chinese,

● German.

● Hindi.

● Polish.

● Portuguese.

The registered cryptocurrency exchange accounts

The site features a straightforward registration activity. New customers sign up by filling a form. The details they provide include:

● Country.

● Email address.

● Password.

After providing the registration details, the KYC process takes place. There are two verification steps.

● The first step needs people to meet the primary KYC expectations. They include submitting their details, their name, identity proof, and pictures with ID.

Completing the above step allows you to trade as high as ten thousand dollars.

The second step is for people that want to extend their limit.

● The 2nd step entails submitting residence proof, name, address, and the issuer. The residential address evidence must be a government document, bank statement, or utility bill.

Anyone that completed the above steps can access the trading site services.

The free cryptocurrency exchange app features

1. Purchase cryptocurrency

The site allows individuals to purchase or sell cryptocurrency against RUB, EUR, or USD. In addition, the site supports the following:

● BTC.

● ETH.

● LTC.


● XLM.

● XRP.

● ZEC.

The operators are likely to add more currencies. Users can also convert Bitcoin to USDT and vice versa. You can act with only one click.

1. The exchange The cryptology service supports a variety of trading pairs. In addition, the site has a customizable design.

There are market charts and analytical features. For example, you can trade top cryptos against fiat and stable coins by putting limits, market orders, and stop limits.

Below are some of the pairs that the platform supports

● BTC.

● ETH.

● XRP.


● XLM.

● BCH.

● LTC.

● ZEC.


● DAI.


● TRX.

● BAT.

● KVI.

● PSC.

● 1INCH.


● EUR.

● USD.

● RUB.

1. Cryptocurrency futures

The platform lets people place perpetual trades on the futures market. The leverage is as high as 100x.

Customers may choose cross-margin and isolated places. In addition, the trades get protection from mitigations tools which lower default amid high volatility risk.

The platform has an insurance fund and auto-deleveraging tools to stakeholders’ desires.

1. Earn

The unique feature on the platform is Earn. The function lets customers form passive income streams while keeping their cryptocurrency assets. For example, you can deposit EURS, DAI, USDT, USDC, and BTC holds and get as high as 15% yearly returns.

The amount gotten is more than the interest given by banks globally. The Earn feature is flexible in terms of lock-in sessions for customers. You can decide to lock your payments for thirty, sixty, or ninety days. You can also cash out when the period expires.

Throughout the lock-in period, your gains will get updated per day.

Low barriers to entry and attractive charges at the best exchange to sell cryptocurrency

The exchange platform is for any person. Once you open an account, you can begin using its features, no matter your previous trading activities.

The site facilitates functionality by having low minimum size orders of 0.10 dollars. The low value enables new customers to place low-risk trades without a second thought.

Also, the trading charges and commissions are low. The mow amounts are advantageous to users. Presently, there is a 0.002 maker and taker fee. The company does not charge overnight or rollover on open futures orders.

Customers may, however, pay a nominal deposit and withdrawal charge on fiat and cryptocurrency transactions in and outside the website.

Cryptocurrency currency exchange transactions

The platform requires customers to deposit money in their accounts if they wish to trade. You can perform that with crypto or fiat. Below are the options for making payment:

● MasterCard.

● Visa.


● Deposit Express.

● Boleto.

● Wire transfer.

● Cryptos such as TRC20, ERC20, and USDT.

When it comes to withdrawing funds, users can use any available crypto apart from BCH. Also, they can use the wire transfer method.

The exchange offers support to various bank wire transfer options. Among them is SEPA. The wire transfer option gets limited to the fully verified customers.

Wire transfer deposits have no extra charges. However, withdrawals are subject to a fee.

Users can not withdraw using debit or credit cards. The options are only for making deposits.

Safety and customer services at the best-rated cryptocurrency exchange

The trading company has customers’ needs at heart. There is an excellent support system. Anyone that has a question or faces a challenge gets attended to in less than ten minutes. Also, no matter your location, the support representatives will give you a solution within one day.

The platform has two methods of reaching the support team. One is through email, and the other one is by creating a ticket. The latter requires you to click on the support symbol on the upper part of the screen.

Besides contacting a support agent, customers can check the FAQ section. Most of the questions are there. So, you can get the answer without contacting the support team.


The trading company employs the best cybersecurity measures. Among them is SSL for the website and two-factor authentication for accessing accounts.


The exchange is one of the most convenient and highly operational trading platforms globally. Any features that traders need are available. The website design is user-friendly and straightforward. The platform has low minimum orders of 0.10 dollars, various transaction methods, and the Earn option generates passive earnings. All the available features make the service ideal for both experienced and new cryptocurrency users.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.