How Big Data Can be used to Improve Human Existence

The twenty-first century so far has been filled with pleasant surprises for humanity.


We now do things faster, smarter and on a bigger scale this is playing out with the kinds of devices that are currently manufactured can monitor, record and store all kinds of data which wasn’t possible two decades ago.


We are entering an existence where an interconnected environment brings to play all kinds of information which if harnessed can improve the general existence of human beings globally.


Soon the latest articles on technology won’t be about the latest fads or trends. It will be about the different solutions that are emerging due to the vast amounts of data that are now accessible.


A Whole New World

Our devices are now becoming more interconnected with each other.


From our smartphones to Televisions and even doorbells, the so-called internet-of-things (IoT) has become the foundation of vast amounts of data that is being recorded and stored in real-time.


Big data analytics and big data analytics courses are the rave now for those who understand where technology is going next.


The rise of cloud storage following Moore’s law has enabled humanity to be able to use technology to process, store and interpret how this data can be used in creating innovations and inventions.

This data provides further insight into how exactly the world around us works.


Scientists are able with the aid of artificial intelligence and other smart learning systems to interpret what hitherto would have taken decades in a few minutes leading to the creation of more sophisticated societies.


Sadly, though, we live in a world where more than 70% of the population doesn’t have access to electricity, information technology, healthcare and the basics of life which can improve existences and change the destinies of those relegated to live in mediocrity.


Big data can improve human existence in several ways which shall be discussed serially.

big data & Human Existence
Big data and Human Existence run hand in hand


Big Data Analytics in Healthcare


 The human body is a wonderful machine. 


Intricately designed to fulfill many purposes, we still don’t have a perfect understanding as to how exactly many systems within the human bodywork.


Then again, big data aims to be able to assist with all kinds of information available today. Diseases and conditions hitherto considered incurable are being cured.


From Ebola for which there is now a possible cure to massive improvements in the treatment and study of HIV, big data has shed light on angles that can improve how best treatments can work in tandem with nutrition and all the other factors which improve human health.


In terms of longevity, big data analytics has provided insight into how people can functionally age; rather than age without function.


Primary healthcare for children aged between zero and five years is also gaining from treatments to diseases that formerly contributed to childhood mortality.


In Countries where big data analytics are employed to provide solutions based on research, childhood mortality rates are finally dropping to near-zero in many cases.


Health is wealth! And this wealth can be found in data!


Big Data Analytics in the Economy


When it comes to the economy, the World has become so interconnected that it would be almost impossible to tell who is doing what without access to big data analytics and research methods.


From electronic commerce systems to international trade, manufacturing to the service sector, data obtained and stored in cloud-based systems give many a “big-picture” of what is really going on as regards the global economy first and then the local economies of different countries.


This, of course, comes into play when Countries want to negotiate issues such as trade tariffs and such the US-China trade war is an example).


In financial systems such as stock exchanges to the world’s Foreign Exchange market and more recently cryptocurrency markets, big data analytics have helped to create exciting new models that provide liquidity and sources of finance which before now didn’t exist.


Big data analytics and statistical models enable key players in economies the world over to make decisions on the fly without having to resort to days and weeks of study.


Financial prediction models assist in ensuring that a crisis can be averted.

We now have a safer, better world economy due to big data analytics.


More people can now do business internationally without the fear of fraud because of the tools used in fighting fraud work well with big data. 


Big Data Analytics in Government


Governments who employ the use of data available to them to create models that enable improved government services.


Such governments have been able to create better societies that serve the needs of the populace.

From internal and external security and how Biometric Identification and Mobile Confirmations help Secure Transactions in Developing Countries to population planning and control, environment and agriculture to even working with their internal and external economies, big data analytics now provide working models that can be used to be able to plan and allocate resources based on such plans.


Early warning systems now exist that provide ample response time to crises.


In some cases, such crises are even averted saving lives and preserving systems.

Governments are better able to provide solutions for their citizens.


Though there may be privacy issues here and there, data has improved the ability of governments willing to take the leap to be able to improve the lives of their citizens.


There are three trends that shall define humanity in the next decade: Big data analytics, Artificial intelligence and the Internet of things (IoT).


These three shall create a better existence for humanity.


What do you think? How has big data improved human existence? Please let us know in the comments below!

About the author

Christopher is the Blockchain/DeFi Editor for E-Crypto News he also writes frequently about Crypto Gaming and Gambling. He is the author of the book "Profitable Cryptocurrency Gambling and Gaming: A Complete Guide." A content developer, Crypto-Enthusiast, and tech-savvy individual. He is also a Superstar Content Developer, Strategy Demigod, and Standup Guy.

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