Play-to-Earn Is Dead, But ScapesMania’s Launch Brings a Vital Alternative In Light of the P2E Apocalypse

P2E projects have reached a dead-end due to the inherent issues of the model. Token Prices and user bases are plummeting and revenue streams of such projects are no longer functioning. So, is this it for the P2E, and is there a way out?

Mahé, Seychelles, May 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — After a tumultuous two years, the market cap for GameFi tokens stood at a staggering $27 Billion USD at the start of 2022. Fast forward to 2023, and that amount stands at a much cooler figure of just over $3 Billion USD.

Experienced game developers like Red Pill Company put this down to one simple fact – that these games did not focus on creating sustainable project revenue streams and engaging mechanics for the players. As a result, a project’s revenue streams become non-existent, and the project dies. When there is a significant decline in the crypto space, the benefits become much less attractive for players – and that is what has been seen in the industry this past year.

Simply put, not enough focus has been put on creating mechanics that attract and retain players and diverse and functional revenue streams. Now that the classic P2E games are not earning well, they have become defunct. The P2E market as we know it has died.

How ScapesMania Takes the Best from the Casual MarketOn the flip side, there has been a notable increase in the casual Web2 gaming market in the same time period. Sidestepping the difficulty of fluctuating markets and relying instead on fantastic and engaging gameplay, Web2 casual gaming has stormed ahead of the competition. What’s more, the crucial parts of casual projects are the engaging gameplay that keeps players coming back, as well as well-established and functioning project revenue streams that allow the projects to prosper.Precisely in this vein, the experienced blockchain game dev studio Red Pill Company has designed their newest project, ScapesMania, to capture some of the growing casual gaming market that has already reached $15.51 Billion in revenue in 2022 and is projected to hit $24.9 Billion by 2027.

With a hybrid-casual approach, ScapesMania sidesteps the issues of the dying P2E market by, to put it simply, not being a P2E and focusing on the gameplay and functioning project revenue streams. ScapesMania will appeal to the mass audience of Web2 casual players with its engaging mechanics and colourful art style.

For Web3 users, the benefits are numerous – token holders can influence the project’s direction through DAO Governance and make decisions on various events and features, such as buyback, burn and token staking, and receive game engagement benefits, as well as impact the development of an entire ecosystem of different games connected through the $MANIA token. Collaborate with a project that has enormous market dominance potential!

$MANIA Token Sale – Join the Whitelist!The native $MANIA token which is the powerhouse behind the ecosystem will soon become available for purchase in a multi-stage token pre-sale, with a total of 1,280,000,000 tokens available. Discounts of 80% on the first 250,000,000 tokens are available until they sell out, reducing to a final discount of 10% in the public sale.

The $MANIA token sale will be available via the official website. Following the token sale, $MANIA will list on CEXs at a starting price of $0.01 USD.

Red Pill Company is also currently hosting an amazing giveaway of $100,000 in $MANIA tokens to celebrate the pre-sale. Token holders can also enjoy amazing bonuses and can earn tokens from the generous referral program. The pre-sale will start soon, so join the Whitelist now via this link to get notified! Note that the number of places is limited, so don’t wait to sign up.

To find out more about how ScapesMania is revolutionizing the Web3 gaming sector, visit the website.

About DeveloperRed Pill Company is an international BNB Grant-Winning developer of Web3, Games and Software with a pool of incredible staff with decades of combined experience.

ScapesMania LinksWebsite: Video: Twitter:

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