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GMT Centrum Review – Seamless Mobile Trading

GMT Centrum

GMT Centrum

GMT Centrum is an excellent platform for beginner investors and active traders who demand seamless trading on the on-the-go.

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Account Minimum: $0

Fees: $0 for stocks and ETFs

Why We Choose GMT Centrum

GMT Centrum is one of the top-rated mobile trading platforms today. However, its mobile app is one of many reasons many traders and investors are increasingly flocking to the platform. The following are the key attributes that give GMT Centrum an edge.

Intuitive mobile app

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GMT Centrum’s mobile version is a highly intuitive platform with all the fundamental trading tools you need to make your mark in online investing. The app offers powerful analysis tools, charts, trading idea generators, calculators, and several other features that you can customize to your needs and preferences.

Rich educational programming

Apart from trading tools, GMT Centrum also does an excellent job of providing educational resources for successful investing. The materials come in various formats and cover various online trading essentials. The educational resources will enable you to analyze the markets effectively, avoid common risks and maximize profits.

Lower fees

You will also love trading on GMT Centrum because they have lower fees and commissions than their immediate competitors. The broker allows you to trade stocks and ETFs at no commissions.

Besides, GMT Centrum has eliminated typical costs such as account minimums, inactivity, and domestic wire transfer fees.


GMT Centrum may appear just like any other ordinary broker to many people. However, several unique things about the broker make it worth considering if you are looking to invest online. It has a broader appeal: a powerful mobile app, low fees, rich educational resources, and various investment products for beginners and seasoned traders. However, GMT Centrum also needs to catch up regarding geographical coverage and in-app customizability.


● Intuitive mobile app

● Extensive educational programs

● Lower fees and commissions

● Diverse investment products

● Excellent customer support


● The customizability of trading tools is limited

● GMT Centrum is not accessible in some countries

What Do They Offer?

The emphasis on GMT Centrum’s robust mobile app makes it easy for some people to overlook its product offerings. However, the broker also has an extensive portfolio that caters to the demands of different traders and investors. Their diverse product offerings enable you to pursue your investment strategy more conveniently. The tradeable products on GMT Centrum include.

● Stocks

● ETFs

● Forex

● Crypto

● Options

● Mutual Funds

● Bonds

● Commodities

Trading Experience

The overall trading experience on GMT Centrum is straightforward and seamless. The broker supports web and mobile versions. The platforms integrate almost the same tools and features that streamline the navigation process and other trading activities. You can use the two versions simultaneously, but the mobile app is the most intuitive.

The broker’s mobile app offers a wide range of all the fundamental trading tools, with some extras to enhance the user experience. It features a customizable menu that allows you to set the view to your preferences. GMT Centrum mobile also offers charts, trading idea generators, asset screeners, portfolio analysis, multi-leg options, research, and news.

This broker’s web and mobile versions have a basic design that emphasizes ease of use. As a result, it may not be an excellent option for active professional traders who demand advanced trading tools.


Investing with GMT Centrum attracts fees, commissions, and margin interest rates. Here’s a rundown of the main costs that you should expect.

● Zero commissions for stocks and ETFs

● $1 per-contract fee for Options

● International trading may incur exchange fees

● Diverse no-transaction-fee mutual funds

● No fees for account inactivity/ transfer, domestic wires, checks, and software

GMT Centrum mainly uses a tier-based and per-contract pricing policy that enables traders and investors to keep costs at a minimum. However, before making any trades, you should check the complete fee schedule on GMT Centrum’s website.


Educational programming takes center stage in GMT Centrum’s trading policies and practices. They provide well-curated and organized videos, infographics, articles, and webinars to give clients more insights on evaluating market conditions, choosing and placing basic trades, analyzing portfolios, and monitoring performance.

 Our Take

GMT Centrum ranks highly among the best mobile trading platforms. It also boasts robust product offerings, extensive educational resources, lower fees, and excellent customer support. However, those attributes give GMT Centrum a broader appeal, suitable for beginner traders and casual investors. Contact them for more information.

Disclaimer: This is sponsored marketing content.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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