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Crypto.com – Credit Cards and Seemless Support



Crypto.com – Overview Crypto.com is a popular cryptocurrency exchange with wide support of different crypto assets and even many blockchain products. With this platform, users have the ability to buy, sell and even trade a wide range of currencies, while enjoying a relatively lower fee.

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Further, the platform provides cryptocurrency credit cards (jade cards), a crypto wallet that is standalone, an NFT marketplace, and a decentralized exchange. Better still, it enables users to hold or stake their crypto in their wallets for a particular period to gain over 14.5% interest.



If you have an interest in buying or holding currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, Crypto.com might be the choice you are looking for. The fees charged on this platform are usually limited to 0.40% and lower as the staking amount increases.

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Currently, Crypto.com offers support of more than 250 currencies and provides sophisticated order types, and also you have the chance to trade crypto futures on this kind of platform. The Overview of Crypto.com Crypto.com was founded in Hong Kong in 2016.

Currently, it offers support of more than 250 cryptocurrencies to more than 10 million customers in the world. The platform offer service in 90 countries with exceptional crypto-related financial products.

Since it offers a wide range of currencies, low fee charges, and other additional features, this platform is the most popular platform for beginners and even for experts. In most cases, Crypto.com is ideal for individuals who plan to do an extensive task with cryptocurrency which is more than just buy and hold. It is actually a great platform for traders who are active and anybody who is interested in taking advantage of real trading.

What are the Cryptocurrencies Available on Crypto.com? As we mentioned earlier, Crypto.com support over 250 currencies. But some popular assets that are available on this website includes: -Bitcoin (BTC) -Ethereum (ETH) -Cardano (ADA) -Dogecoin (DOGE) -Polkadot (DOT) FYI, this platform also comes with its own coin referred to as CRO. People who have a significant amount of these assets, they’re rewarded with higher staking interest rates, higher credit card rewards, and lower trading fees.


Support a wide range of cryptocurrencies: It offers support of over 250 cryptocurrencies with advanced order types, spot trading, and futures. -The platform is transparent, with relatively lower fees with various discounts available: Crypto.com provides very competitive trading fees of more than 0.4% and a lot of discounts. -Offer support for a good environment for all cryptocurrency products: The platform support cryptocurrency swapping, staking, and trading. -It supports its own crypto wallet, credit card and offers its users an opportunity to invest in the NFTs.

Cons –

It charges higher fees if you aren’t using their CRO, their own coin: Unless you hold this special cryptocurrency, you’ll need to incur a relatively higher fee. -The customer support is not encouraging: Most customers seem to be complaining about the bad customer support they have faced with the platform.

Trading experience Crypto.com has its mobile app usually available on Android and iOS devices. If you are someone experienced with trading stocks, this would be the easiest way since it is user friendly and more straightforward.

This app displays the portfolio and different popular assets that you can check out. Moreover, this mobile app has all that you ever need to trade your currencies, make any payments using cryptocurrency, stake your crypto to earn more and how you can sign up to get a Crypto.com credit card. These cards include Midnight Blue, Jade royal indigo/green, Obsidian and many others. The chart tools are simpler because it does not have such information.

On the other hand, each currency page has a brief overview and links to different information. This helps you learn about currency and blockchain before you make your purchases. Moreover, Crypto.com supports various fiat currencies such as the Australian dollar, U.S dollar, euro, Brazilian real, Canadian dollar and pound sterling. Its flexibility makes it convenient for users in a different country to purchase using their local currency.


New Crypto.com users who do not have CRO staking need to pay 0.4% on their trades that accumulate to less than $25000. In most cases, the trading fees are a bit lower than what you see with most large industry competitors. For high volume traders usually incur as low as 0.04% as a maker and 0.1% for takers without the CRO staking. You will receive discounted trading fees whenever you have at least 5000CRO in your wallet.

Here, those traders with up to $25000 monthly can pay up to 0.36%. This indicates that the rates will decrease if you have a larger stake. It does not impose any extra per trade fees thus becomes more competitive when you factor in pricing.


Crypto.com assures you of the safest transactions whatsoever. It features multi-factor authentication and whitelisting to keep your accounts safer at all times. It would be best to consider using stronger passwords and opting for a personal online security practice to keep your accounts safe.

If your account is breached, you can never recover any crypto you lose since it does not allow you to reverse cryptocurrency. On the other hand, Crypto.com utilize more compliance monitoring and keeps their customer deposits offline in cold storage to improve security. This prevents any losses and keeps away any hackers.

Moreover, it works with most local banks in the U.S to offer $ 250000 in FDIC insurance on the U.S dollar balances. How to open a Crypto.com account

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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