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Cronos Builds Powerful Platform for Game Developers

To Bring the Next Billion Users to Web3

Cronos Play, an Unreal Plugin and the Moralis integration will give developers access to a wide range of products and services supporting multiple game platforms and languages

Cronos announced the release of two new open-source projects under the Cronos Play suite of developer tools to radically simplify the workflow of Web3 game developers on the Cronos chain: the Cronos Play Unreal Engine Plugin and the Cronos Play C++ SDK (Software Development Kit).

In another major development for game creators, Cronos and Moralis are pleased to announce that Cronos chain is now supported by the Moralis suite of developer tools and APIs for Web3 developers.

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Cronos Play

In April 2022, Cronos announced Cronos Play, a comprehensive modular suite of developer tools and services to streamline the creation of gaming and GameFi applications in the Cronos blockchain ecosystem. As a first milestone, Cronos Play completed its integration with ChainSafe’s web3.unity Gaming SDK, an open-source project maintained by ChainSafe, that allows web, mobile and desktop games created with the Unity engine to easily add Web3 functionalities.

Cronos aims to enhance the usability of the Cronos Play tooling by supporting popular languages and frameworks. Many AAA quality game development studios use C++ and Epic Games’ Unreal 3D graphics engine. With this in mind, Cronos Labs is now releasing two open-source projects and one open-source library of code samples that will greatly benefit AAA game developers:

●      Cronos Play Unreal Engine Plugin (initially for Window and Mac games only).

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●      Cronos Play C++ SDK (Software Development Kit).

●      Cronos Play Unreal Engine library of code samples for Web3 games.

The plugin and the SDK enable games to easily interact with the Cronos chain and with common Web3 smart contract standards such as ERC20 fungible token contracts and ERC721 and ERC1155 non-fungible token (NFT) contracts.

Moralis & Cronos Integration 

Starting today, Web3 application developers can also radically simplify their workflow by accessing the Moralis suite of developer tools on Cronos chain, including high-performance JSON-RPC endpoints, cryptocurrency and NFT data indexers, and other advanced functionalities. Cronos integration is available for Moralis Identity, Moralis Real-Time, Moralis API and Moralis SDK.

Application developers can offer easy Cronos chain connection to their end-users via injected Web3 wallets (MetaMask, Trust Wallet) as well as other wallets using Wallet Connect. Native integration of the Crypto.com DeFi Wallet will be available in the coming weeks.

To mark this partnership, Moralis and Cronos Labs are pleased to announce the Moralis Cronos Web3 Metaverse Hackathon – a virtual hackathon that will take place from August 20th to September 25th, 2022, with $60,000 in prizes already committed and more to be announced. Applications are now open until August 15th, 2022 at this link.

“Teaming up with Cronos for the Web3 Metaverse Hackathon is a dream come true for us,” said Ivan on Tech, CEO of Moralis. “The Cronos integration is an exciting opportunity for the developer community to build the Web3 games of tomorrow. We can’t wait to see what they come up with.”

A Futuristic Developer Platform for GameFi

The launch of Cronos Play and the announcement of the $100M-backed Cronos Accelerator Program have generated tremendous interest from the gaming community. More than 10 significant game studios have signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) for the development of Web3 games on the Cronos chain, including: DG Pals, Binemon, Demole, Dragon SB, Revolve Games, Decentral Games and Dexio Protocol.

Building on its interoperability as an EVM-compatible blockchain network, Cronos will now offer one of the best in class platforms for game developers to build innovative Metaverse Dapps for the next generation of Web3 users.

Ken Timsit, Managing Director of Cronos chain and Cronos Labs, said: “”As the number of crypto holders is expected to surpass 800 million this year, the growing ecosystem of game developers looks towards platforms that deliver GameFi and Defi innovation to their fingertips. Firstly, Cronos is Ethereum-compatible, fast, affordable and eco-friendly. Secondly, there is a massive addressable user base of more than 50 million Cronos users and holders worldwide. Finally, the developer tooling is one of the most comprehensive among all chains for web, Unity, Unreal and C++ developers”

He went on to say “Moralis enables developers to build decentralized applications like never before, particularly Web2 and game developers who are new to Web3 technology. Moralis is one of the most developer-friendly companies in our space. Their documentation and tutorials are world class, and their products make it easy to add blockchain functionality to any application with just a few lines of code.”

Going forward, Cronos Play will continue to execute on its planned roadmap which includes numerous improvements of the end-user and developer experiences, including upcoming integrations with Crypto.com products and services.

If you are a game developer, please visit cronos.org/play or fill this contact form for more information.

About Cronos

Cronos (cronos.org) is the first EVM-compatible layer 1 blockchain network built on the Cosmos SDK, supported by Crypto.com, Crypto.org and more than 250 app developers and partners. Our mission is to make it easy and safe for the next billion crypto users to adopt Web3, with a focus on DeFi and GameFi.

Cronos has already skyrocketed to top 7 position among all chains by total value locked (TVL) and is used by >800,000 users, growing at 20% per month. Cronos is powered by the Cronos ($CRO) cryptocurrency, which powers an ecosystem of more than 50 million users worldwide.

When developers build on Cronos, they can leverage: all Ethereum developer tools (Solidity, Truffle, Hardhat, OpenZeppelin, Web3.js, ethers.js, ChainSafe Gaming SDK, etc.); several leading wallets (MetaMask, Crypto.com Defi Wallet, Trust Wallet); wrapped versions of the world’s top 50 cryptocurrencies; Cronos Play, a suite of developer tools for web, Unity, C++ and Unreal game developers; IBC cross-chain connectivity to Cosmos chains; and a rich ecosystem of composable DeFi and GameFi Dapps.

Cronos is supported by Cronos Labs, the ecosystem fund, web3 start-up accelerator, and incubator of Cronos chain.

About Moralis

Moralis is a leading Web3 development platform and the best way to build web3 projects. More specifically, Moralis offers a frictionless, full workflow for developing dapps, which cuts an average of 87% of projects’ development time. Regardless of whether you’re looking to build a GameFi, NFT, DeFi, metaverse, or web3 project, Moralis gives you effortless access to a full backend blockchain infrastructure!

Moralis also comes with the Moralis Unity SDK, giving developers access to a state-of-the-art web3 game development platform. This means developers can create compelling GameFi experiences at blazing speeds!

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.