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Wear U Blends Fashion and Blockchain Tech


Dubai, June 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fashion is an ever-evolving industry where technology has played a pivotal part in accelerating trends in the industry’s market. A growing industry’s target persona always demands more as this demand has driven projects to merge their business with big tech like the Blockchain.

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One of the drivers of revenue for the fashion industries has been their innovation and with nearly 1.2 million searches about Blockchain every day, it is only fair for them to integrate their business model with Blockchain and take it forward.

One specific project that caught everyone’s attention is WearU-Unlimited Fashion, a decentralized Metaverse-based marketplace for all things fashion.

With the latest and the best of Blockchain, WearU is heavily cast on the blockchain as it brings users and consumers alike close to fashion like never before. WearU aims to bridge the gap between the digital realm and the reality that exists in today’s world. It is safe to say that the project has already completed 50% of what it aims to do with the public crowd sale of the project’s token, all set to launch on 22nd June 2022.

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What Makes WearU?

The base ideology of WearU is what makes it unique. It aims to build an ecosystem that gives space to young and independent fashion designers who can co-exist with relatively big brands improving traction in trends and avoiding monopoly that shatters industry growth.

WearU is about bringing the realm of fashion closer to people with their revolutionary feature VirtuScan; they aim to change the notion of connecting customers and fashion businesses for good.

VirtuScan, a possible Gamechanger:

The biggest hurdle many businesses in the fashion industry face is their inability to create a platform for their customers to experience the look and feel of their clothes. And with the pandemic and the complete world moving to the online stream for their fashion needs, VirtuScan is a revolutionary idea on that front.

VirtuScan allows users to scan their products and store a 3-Dimensional image of the apparel. They are given the flexibility to change the apparel’s hue, saturation, and contrast to give a much more realistic touch. Users can create a database in the cloud of their apparel and with a capacity of 1000 per day, it becomes extremely easy for businesses to maintain an online portfolio that contains the exact look and feel of their products and help customers decide on their fashion without much worries on how the delivered product will look.

The Metaverse Marketing Game:

One of the major innovations in marketing has been Metaverse Marketing. The fashion industry is predicted to increase from a 1.5 trillion dollar industry to a 2 trillion dollar industry by 2023. With the involvement of metaverse marketing and the blockchain in the industry, it is predicted to reach the 2 trillion dollar threshold by 2022.

The major advantage of the WearU ecosystem is the dominant power play of the blockchain features like using their native utility token WRU, a BEP20 token as the digital currency that will be used to transact within the WearU marketplace metaverse. The key highlight of the token design is the architecture of the token. The architecture deviates from traditional norms and upholds an intelligent mix of artificial intelligence and machine learning that utilizes the best use of traditional smart contracts on the blockchain. The advantage? This brilliant architecture helps in increasing the system performance by nearly 1024 times more than traditional ecosystems, making the ecosystem more powerful. Apart from being an innovative and efficient token, it is also tax-free to buy and sell, increasing its demand in the marketplace.

Tokenomics Of WRU Token:

The total supply of the WRU token will be 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) with a hard cap of 600,000 BUSD (Binance USD). The rate of the token is fixed at 1666.67 WRU per BUSD with a max buy check at 3000 BUSD per wallet and a minimum buy check at 100 BUSD per wallet. Public crowd sale for the WearU token will go live on 22nd June 2022 on their native website and will be air-dropped right after the sale. The token will be used for exclusive memberships and access to various elements scattered across the WearU metaverse.

To learn more about WearU, Visit:Website | Twitter | Telegram | Instagram | Youtube | Mail

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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