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IamFuture Launches the Exclusive Web3 Ecosystem

That is built to master the cycles of the market

IamFuture is the emerging crypto platform established by a team of females. It launches the crypto industry’s multipurpose, secure, and creative Web3 Ecosystem. IamFuture tends to build the Web3 Ecosystem to master the cycles of the market.

AMSTERDAM, NORTH HOLLAND, THE NETHERLANDS, June 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The international innovation team IamFuture is unfazed by the current crypto-cold environment. Given the significant crypto sell-off and the unstable macroeconomic environment, the female-founded and led global online holding with 26 innovative Web3 professionals on board maintains its confidence. It is prepared to offer the world a complex ecosystem built on three main pillars: multipurpose, security, and creativity, meeting many needs of contemporary society even during bearish market trends.

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“You can learn to gain from disorder and develop the robust, resilient, and universally demanded product, and you can even do it with joy,” – says the founder of IamFuture Maya Bernaia. – “Our team is very innovative and adventure-seeking, and we can surely deliver the unique, high-quality product which will make a dramatic change.” 

In March 2022, IamFuture’s activity intensified with the creation of the initial components of an original ecosystem that met a variety of needs in the expanding Web3 environment and offered comprehensive solutions:

1. “Metarollers,” A Perform2earn Metaverse platform for e-sports socializing:

Since strategically endless gaming environments constitute a very effective draw for patron interest and a substantial economic driver for the ecosystem, this project, centered on originality and uniqueness, emerges as a flagman of the ecosystem. The domestically released Ethereum cryptocurrency “Future,” with a market cap of 100.000.000, is what powers the ecosystem. The token makes it possible for several uses to be compatible with the extensive Ethereum infrastructure:

  • Facilitating online transactions,
  • The local market’s currency Future,
  • Staking,
  • Voting campaigns and group investment choices,
  • The security validation app’s Treasury function.

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2. A cryptocurrency investment and research advice app:

This app comes with a forecasting feature driven by AI.It facilitates ultra-short and short cryptocurrency trading and professional research on cryptocurrency products.

Users can precisely specify their crypto-interest inquiry and cover the broadest criteria by using the system’s innovative, dynamic synthesis of two layers of indicators, i.e., metrics and non-tangible. The forecasting feature only works within specific timeframes, such as the extra-sensitive 15-minute window, which is most valuable to experts. Maya Bernaia, a supporter of the idea of two-layer indicators set, loves to compare the sensitivity of this app to the human body’s neuron system.

3. IamFairplay 

It is a unique platform that addresses the growing problem of a lack of trust in the world. It offers an extensive evaluation of the sustainability of business partnerships for B2B transactions and a unique security funnel for transactions involving cryptocurrency, NFT, and other digital assets, including intangibles.

The IamFairplay security wallet prioritizes security above all else and provides two transaction security levels. This aspect of business sustainability insurance and partnership value evaluation cannot be overstated. IamFairplay gathers information on corporate operations, alliances, supply chains, production, storage, and services. Through blockchain interactions, it verifies transparent, effective, and meaningful data.

According to the founder, now they can track down each product, ingredient, and step of the manufacturing process, authenticate its authenticity, comply with the law and principles of openness for your business, and it is extraordinarily remarkable and overall power capacity.

“We have a deep conviction about the efficacy of horizontal cooperation. The world’s specialists and enthusiasts, motivated by a common passion and drive, may work together to produce the best results.” says the Founder of IamFuture.

According to Maya, who is widely recognized for her active horizontal linkages promotion and expertise in mergers and alliances, the results are spectacular when they have similar mindsets and priorities, respect for each other’s experience and knowledge, and the team combines their efforts. “Individuals, and their knowledge, are their most valuable resource, and the founder is happy to have the best people on her team.

The moment is ripe for developing resilient, antifragile, and well-balanced products. IamFuture is confidently equipped with sufficient energy and strength to offer the world a solution for fostering trust, igniting creativity, and enhancing multi-level security.

IamFuture, along with another dimension, Metarollers, aims to be the play-to-earn 2D game connecting gamers worldwide to a single ecosystem, where they can utilize their platform to earn a living and socialize while enjoying the game. In addition to that, IamFuture also provides the main dimensions as follows:

  • Entertainment: Live music, sporting events, gallery openings, and other entertainment and culture are migrating into the virtual space.
  • Social relationships: It enhances the experience of feeling like you are with others in a shared virtual space. It gives the feeling of real-time togetherness.
  • Gaming: It functions as the intensely developing area of multidimensional action experience.
  • Fitness: Expanding the possibilities of virtual workout experiences, from private personal trainers to group fitness classes.

Visit the official website for further information and updates.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.