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Litecoin is one of the most widely traded cryptocurrencies in the market. As with most other robust currency markets, even the slightest delay makes can make the difference between profits or a major loss. For this reason, all serious investors need to keep track of all the changes and analysis that comes their way to ensure that they make a well-informed investment decision. In the Crypto-world, information is king and E-crypto currency provides exactly that.

The website has been designed to provide rapid updates on all cryptocurrency changes taking place across markets across the world. As such, we provide our users with the latest Litecoin news and price analysis to help them make the best possible investment decisions for guaranteed profits.

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Charlie Lee: Litecoin (LTC) To Soon Have Confidential Transactions for Fungibility

Charlie Lee, via twitter, announced that the Litecoin foundation has plans of implementing confidential transactions on the network to make LTC more fungible. He stated that fungibility was the only...
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Flaw Discovered in Lightning Network’s Cross-Chain Functionality

While the Lightning Network is mostly known as a way to make Bitcoin payments instant and practically free, another often-touted aspect of the layer-two protocol has been its ability to...
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Decentralized Crypto Networks ‘Must be Susceptible to 51% Attacks’: Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee

Ethereum Classic (ETC), the smaller spinoff of Ethereum, is still reeling from the 51% attack that was carried out on its blockchain, resulting in the theft of more than $1...
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Litecoin (LTC) Creator, Charlie Lee: If A Crypto Cannot be 51% Attacked, it is Not Decentralized

Right after news broke that the Ethereum Classic (ETC) cryptocurrency had been the victim of a 51% attack, one twitter user by the name of Crypto Tesla noted that a...
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