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Litecoin is one of the most widely traded cryptocurrencies in the market. As with most other robust currency markets, even the slightest delay makes can make the difference between profits or a major loss. For this reason, all serious investors need to keep track of all the changes and analysis that comes their way to ensure that they make a well-informed investment decision. In the Crypto-world, information is king and E-crypto currency provides exactly that.

The website has been designed to provide rapid updates on all cryptocurrency changes taking place across markets across the world. As such, we provide our users with the latest Litecoin news and price analysis to help them make the best possible investment decisions for guaranteed profits.

Go through our website for all the news and information on Litecoin developments so you can make an investment decision that you’re confident with.

Litecoin vs Ethereum

Litecoin vs Ethereum

  These days, there are many different cryptocurrencies to choose from. If you’re thinking of investing in digital currency, you may be wondering how Litecoin and Ethereum – two very...
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Investing in Cryptocurrency

What is Currently Going on With Crypto Currency?

  Bitcoin and Ethereum have fallen by even more than half since their all-time peaks in late 2021. The crypto market has had a disastrous 1st half of 2022. Also,...
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Bitcoin Or Litecoin – Which Is A Better Investment in 2021?

In the nascent cryptocurrency world, analysts and commentators at times mention Bitcoin or Litecoin while looking for real-world use cases. Despite having several similarities, these two cryptos have their differences...
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SunSpec uses blockchain to standardise solar panels

The goal of the alliance is to streamline the use of solar panels and offer more value to consumers The Energy Web Foundation (EWF) recently announced its newest member to...
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Infinite Fleet raises $3.1M in private security token offering

A Space-based massive multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG), Infinite Fleet raised most of the funding arrived in the form of Simple Agreements for Future Tokens Infinite Fleet’s developer announced last...
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Samsung introduce a new blockchain wallet app

Decentraland teams up with Samsung to streamline blockchain gaming with new functionality for the Samsung wallet. Earlier this week Decentraland announced its partnership with Samsung, which will allow the integration...
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Sri Lanka names firms to work on blockchain KYC system

Sri Lanka’s central bank shortlisted its choices for developers who will work on its proof-of-concept blockchain-based KYC system Last year Sri Lanka’s central bank said it wanted to integrate blockchain...
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CertiK partner with Hdac to integrate the Internet of Things with blockchain

Blockchain offers the benefits of smart contracts and enables greater scalability for the exponentially growing IoT market CertiK, a blockchain cybersecurity startup, has collaborated with South Korean blockchain firm, Hdac,...
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Homeland Security looks to fund blockchain projects that can offer tracing solutions for key workers

The DHS is hoping for a project that can authenticate ‘essential worker’ status and provide a digitalised supply chain traceability systems The United States Department of Homeland Security is looking...
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Blockchain can make video game playing valuable: Hironao Kunimitsu

The blockchain gaming economy will be larger than Japan’s, the Tokyo-based businessman said Hironao Kunimitsu, the founder of Tokyo social gaming firm Gumi, spoke about the future of gaming in...
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