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BAPES (Business Apes) Brings Star Jets International Private Jet Charter into the Metaverse


As Part of the BAPES NFT Project Rollout

NEW YORK, Star Jets International, Inc. (OTCPINK: JETR) ($JETR), is once again proud to lead the way on experiences for the private jet charter and private aviation industries by being the conduit linking physical real world luxury travel with metaverse and Web 3.0 private aviation travel experiences. Star Jets International has access to 15,000 private jets worldwide and expects to become the IP digital rights owner and management for some of the wealthiest businesspeople, athletes, entertainers, celebrities, and influencers’ jets to further monetize those assets in the digital virtual reality world.

BAPES, a new viral global NFT project, has taken the world by storm. BAPES will provide Star Jets International with best in breed designers and animators that come from Pixar21st Century Fox, and Disney, as well as the ability to build a massive community around these new experiences. Being a rare BAPES NFT holder, which is set to drop this February, you’ll have exclusive access to these jets in VR as well as in real life, and even benefit from some exclusive travel related experiences, events, and special pricing as part of being an elite BAPES NFT Holder.

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“As an originator in the Private Jet Broker industry, we pride ourselves on being a company that understands first to market and being on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. It is with great excitement to be joining this BAPES as a Business Ape Ambassador. The utility and value we can bring BAPES NFT holders as it relates to private aviation, private jet charter, and luxury travel experiences is going to be top notch. Working with BAPES and bringing the Star Jets International brand and IP into the METAVERSE to connect physical real life travel experiences and VR travel experiences on one of our private jets is going to completely disrupt jet charter again. As we were one of the first to accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment for flights, once again we are proud to lead the way and be an ambassador along with all these other incredible Business Apes (BAPES),” states, Ricky Sitomer CEO and Founder Star Jets International, Inc.

This partnership has the potential to be a true win/win for all parties involved. To the travel consumer it will further enhance their experience and value of being a BAPES NFT holder for all Star Jets related VR and real life travel experiences, to the metaverse community by bringing exceptional IP and new experiences to keep people engaged and add value to those VR worlds, but also to the private jet owner where they can further help monetize their assets, now digitally, to help offset the high cost on maintenance, fixed based operator (FBO) storage fees, gas, and pilot and flight attendant costs.

“It is with extreme excitement to bring Star Jets International into the metaverse through this incredible BAPES project. As a founding partner of BAPES as well as working as head of strategy with Ricky at Star Jets International, I know firsthand how exciting this partnership is going to be. Imagine holding a BAPES NFT that allows you exclusive elite access to board your favorite celebrity icon’s private plane in VR, and possibly even in real life. Now imagine that icon is also sitting with you during that VR and/or real-life experience. Star Jets International will be one of the only private aviation jet charter companies with a turn-key team and abilities to properly bring the two worlds together. It gives me even more pleasure to offer a unique new mechanism for these jet owners to further monetize those very expensive plane assets, now digitally.” noted Star Jets International Head of Strategy and Global Partnerships as well as BAPES Business Ape Founding Partner Brian J. Esposito

For more information about this press release and Star Jets International, Inc., contact Ricky Sitomer at (917) 331-5152.

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About Star Jets International:

About Star Jets International, Inc. (OTCPINK: JETR) Star Jets International, Inc. (OTCPINK: JETR) offers its customers all the advantages of owning a corporate jet without the burdens associated with ownership. This includes unprecedented flexibility through access to over 5,000 private jets domestically and 15,000 private jets worldwide. Star Jets executives have nearly 20 years of experience in aviation and marketing, http://starjetsinternational.com/ and https://private-jet-charter-flight.com/. Watch Star Jets International “YouTube” video – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJZK4vvDiMNlXE-7g-s11OQ, and watch two CNBC Commercials about the Company- https://wave.evolphin.com/EVyy7j#Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | Meta | LinkedIn | Website

About BAPES – Business Apes:

EXORDIUM BAPES: is the first metavestor club, that exclusively empowers crypto native companies, forged in the metaverse. BAPES was founded by successful bumans with super-high diversity backgrounds working in a myriad of divergent industries. Every BAPES club member (BAPES NFT HOLDER) is considered a metavestor partner earning continuous metawards from all the metaprojects that the BAPES Clan, as a collective, votes to metavest in, from the BAPES Metafund. Members of the BAPES Clan will enjoy VIP access to the high-end BAPES Club House, built in the metaverse, to mingle and connect with highly successful VIP business owners and founders of unicorn companies, celebrities, artists, content creators, and more. Member of the BAPES Clan will also enjoy never before seen, and non-accessible, IRL perks from our business partners in industries such as aviation, hospitality, real-estate, automotive, and more. In summary, being a BAPES NFT HOLDER means that you will have access to metavestments and a network of people in a meta-constellation never seen. LORE BAPES is a clan of business savvy apes that evolved due to the poor business conditions created by bumans for centuries. Bumans took advantage of their centralized position of power over other bumans and have therefore disintegrated all hopes for unhindered ultra-creative innovation in the universe. BAPES have elevated far beyond the buman race and are rapidly taking over the world of decentralized meta businesses in the ever-expanding alternate reality known as the metaverse. The first species of BAPES are to be created and revealed to the world in February 2022. ARTWORK & HERITAGE: The BAPES character design team are legends in 3D character design and animation, working for companies such as 21st Century Fox, Disney, and Pixar. This golden team of designers will ensure that the BAPES Clan will have the best looking NFT 3D character art on the low polygon chain. Each BAPE, from the initial species, have inherited many main family traits, with each trait having a myriad of variations, ensuring a vast number of unique and high-quality BAPES. Some Bapes will also have ultra-rare and secret traits, that will not be revealed beforehand, but will remain a mystery until they are born. BAPE Clan members that rank up the Metavestor Ladder will unlock new traits and variations that enables them to breed magical BAPES with special powers. BAPES will rank up based on engagement and company voting hit rates – https://bapes.xyz/Twitter | Linkedin | Instagram | Discord | Website

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