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Display Social/Infinite Reality to Bring NFT Marketplace to the Metaverse

Logo, company name Description automatically generatedDisplay users will be able to mint, display, buy, sell and trade NFTs on their own; Further empowering creators with the ability to monetize their own content

LOS ANGELES (January  27, 2022) – Display Social/Infinite Reality, the recently-merged Metaverse Entertainment Company and ecommerce platform known as “the social that pays,” announced today that the company has entered into a partnership with BQT Technologies, Ltd., the revolutionary technology company developing and implementing next generation NFT platforms built on the blockchain, to activate a universal NFT marketplace within Infinite Reality Metaverses. This industry-leading capability will allow Display APP users and Infinite Reality creators to mint, display, buy, sell and swap NFTs on their own, and adds yet another way Display and Infinite Reality users can monetize their creative content.

This technology, set to launch in the near future, will give Display users and Infinite Reality creators the unique ability to mint, buy, sell and swap NFTs with ease, even from their own camera or library on their mobile phone. These NFTs can then be “supported” via Display’s monetization tools, which garners additional passive revenue via various advertisers. And with this marketplace specifically built in to the Infinite Reality metaverse platform and the Display APP, creators will have a seamless experience with their wallet, without needing to enter details like credit card information. On a broader scale, this partnership solidifies Display Social and Infinite Reality as a leader in the user generated #originalcontent space, marrying the most powerful hashtag on the Display platform with the blockchain, and providing for the easy creation of communities within Infinite Reality’s open metaverses. For brand partners, there is unlimited potential for branded experiences in the currently, much sought after NFT space. Uniquely, buyers of NFTs within Infinite Realty’s metaverses will be able to exhibit their NFT artwork in galleries akin to how art is displayed in the real world.

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“It is our quest to develop tools to empower the Creator Economy, and adding an integrated NFT functionality to allow our community creators to mint, sell, swap and trade NFTs as a core functionality of Infinite Reality’s metaverses is a game changer.” said John Acunto, co-founder and CEO of Display/Infinite Reality. “This is just the beginning of the powerful tools we intend to bring to market for the benefit of the Creators of both Infinite Reality and Display Social.”

“BQT prides itself on the consistent development and offering of a premium product, and this marketplace is no exception,” said Edward Mandel, CEO of BQT Technologies, Ltd. “We have created a seamless experience that even the most novice of users can access. We share Display/Infinite Reality’s vision of democratizing these types of tools for ALL to use– not just the very few. This is the beginning of a new era in blockchain-based content. And there’s so much more to come.”

“The future is now with NFTs,” added Elliott Jobe, Chief Innovation Officer of Display/Infinite Reality. “We firmly believe that creators should own their content, and by establishing this unique marketplace where content is commerce fulfills our promise to our community.”

This deal, which sees Display/Infinite Reality and BQT entering into a multi-million dollar value share and ownership exchange, comes on the heels of several exciting announcements the company has made in the past few weeks, including the acquisition of Thunder Studios and Infinite Reality, which created an industry-leading Metaverse Entertainment Company set to empower the creator economy with a suite of tools to broaden commerce between creators and fans through the convergence of social media, gaming, and entertainment in the Metaverse. As content creators increasingly expect social media platforms to treat them equitably, Display differentiates itself by rewarding creators based on advertising and affiliate revenue with creators and empowering them with built-in tools to enhance the creative processes and grow and engage their audiences.

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About BQT Technologies

BQT is a blockchain technology company providing an ecosystem of blockchain applications, including cryptocurrency exchange, artificial intelligence trading system and DeFi NFT vertical driven marketplaces (QNFT), allowing NFT collectors to mint, trade and swap their NFT assets.  For more information, visit bqt.io.

About Display Social/Infinite Reality

Display Social recently acquired both Thunder Studios and Infinite Reality to create a new venture-backed, Metaverse Entertainment Company. The new entity’s combined assets include a social media platform, Metaverse creation tools, and a 150,000 square foot fully-integrated production facility in Los Angeles. The company’s mission is to empower the Creator Economy through integrated product offerings, including a social commerce platform that takes the networked social experience to the next level with one simple commitment: creators should be financially rewarded for the quality content they produce. With these revolutionary commerce features, creators can tag items in their post, allowing users to purchase at the point of discovery, while the creator gets paid for inspiring that transaction. When advertisers pay the platform, creators earn a 50% payout on ad revenue generated from their content, and non-profit users receive a 100% payout rate on support ads. Every day, members earn real money based on ad revenue and affiliate commissions. For creators, their posts promise not only purpose … but also profit.

For more information, visit displaysocial.com Infinite Reality, Thunder Studios or download the Display Social app through Apple® App Store® for iOS devices and Google Play® for Android® devices.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.