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Baby Apollo Coin is Minted & Presale Date Announced

Baby Apollo Coin

New PinkSale Launchpad Token: 

The team of professional Washington state developers that brought Apollo Coin (APX) to the Binance Smart Chain has minted their newest deflationary token: Baby Apollo Coin. This utility token rewards holders in Apollo Coin and brings multiple staking pools into their ecosystem. Baby Apollo Coin will be delivered to the world first through presale on PinkSale on April 9, 2022, followed by a launch on Pancakeswap no later than April 17, 2022.

What is Baby Apollo Coin?

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Baby Apollo Coin (BAPX) is a “rewards token” on the Binance Smart Chain that gives back to the APX community through its multi-layered rewards system. It provides utility through staking, but the developers have dropped hints of further uses for the token, specifically in gaming.

The first staking pool will be available 24 hours after the Baby Apollo Coin token launches on PancakeSwap. Initial communication from the dev team suggests that the first pool will launch with a special promotional APR. The promotion encourages the launch audience to lock in the best rate by staking early and long term.

Professional Development Team

The development team is located in Spokane, WA, USA. This centrality gives them the advantage of working out of the same office space, allowing for rapid development and instant communication.

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The developers have a background in videogame and VR development and have already started to deliver games to their community with the promise of even more to come soon.

The experience of successfully launching, supporting, and maintaining the parent token has proven that the developers know how to launch and run a solid cryptocurrency project. The lessons learned from their first successful token are being applied to make the Baby Apollo Coin launch smoother, more focused, and better optimized than their initial effort.

Multi-Tiered Rewards Network

Apollo Coin and Baby Apollo Coin together form a “double-dip” pair that provides multiple layers of rewards. In practice, this means that holders of Baby Apollo Coin will be rewarded in Apollo Coin, which rewards in Binance-Peg BUSD. Combined with the staking pools that distribute rewards in various tokens, this compounds into what the developers call their “self-generating ecosystem.”

The entirety of Baby Apollo Coin was conceived and designed to benefit the existing Apollo Coin token and community while also standing alone as a reward and staking token with deflationary tokenomics. All volume on Baby Apollo Coin triggers buys on Apollo Coin, which means that the rewards themselves should trigger more often. For example, if there were $1 million in buy or sell volume on BAPX, that would result in $100,000 in APX buys to distribute to Baby Apollo Coin holders.

Baby Apollo Coin and Apollo Coin Ecosystem

Apollo Coin and its baby token are part of a much larger ecosystem created by the developer. This ecosystem includes a versatile crypto wallet called the “Apollo Coin Wallet,” which aims to be the “Ultimate Reflections Wallet.” The wallet supports Apollo Coin and Baby Apollo Coin and allows users to keep track of their earned rewards from many top BSC reflection tokens.

The Apollo Coin Wallet is currently available in beta for Windows, macOS, and Linux. In addition, the team is currently working on a mobile version that they hope to release in the near future on the Google Play Store and possibly the Apple App Store.

At a recent video conference (or AMA as they brand it), the team showed off an early build of their Apollo Coin Exchange. It is a decentralized crypto trading platform (otherwise known as a DEX: a decentralized exchange) where users can swap between crypto tokens in a trustless environment.

The publicly revealed roadmap for the Apollo Coin DEX includes many things you would expect to find on a centralized exchange. Limit buy/sell orders, automatic dividend reinvestment, staking pools, farming pools, and wallet tracking, to name just a few of the ambitious features they’ve announced.

The team recently announced staking pools, and the APRs have been disclosed. There will be two staking pools initial; Apollo Coin and Baby Apollo Coin pools. Both pools reward in Baby Apollo Coin with the higher rewards going to those who stake Apollo Coin. The team mentioned that there will be additional staking pools shortly and launch week promotional APRs.

The developers also recently released a mini-game into beta and have announced a VR title, “Rocket Ride to the Moon,” which is also in development. Additionally, the gaming side of their dev team is working on a “Blockchain Gaming API” that will purportedly allow creators to add blockchain mechanics to their projects efficiently. Examples include in-game currencies backed by the blockchain and NFT game integration. This is in addition to “VR Payment Solution,” which is listed in their whitepaper as targeting Q4 2022 for beta release.

Rewarding The Apollo Coin Community

The dev team focuses on bolstering their community and rewarding those participating in the Apollo Coin ecosystem. One such example is the recently launched “APX Rebate Program,” which rewards a 12% bonus on any APX purchase of 500 billion tokens or more that are held for at least 31 days. In the same spirit of giving back to the community, the team also conducts “Reflection Fridays” each week, where the BUSD rewards on Apollo Coin jump from 9% to 12% for the day.

The Baby Apollo Coin project was conceived in February 2022 to create a community-centric token that rewards holders with passive income. The project is based on the Binance Smart Chain, a blockchain network designed to create a decentralized financial (Defi) ecosystem.

The dev team is highly active and constantly releasing new utilities and projects within their ecosystem. For example, the team has multiple NFT series in development (one on the Binance Smart Chain and the other on the Solana blockchain). Baby Apollo Coin is yet another example of the dev team shipping an unexpected but welcome surprise, adding to their already impressive list of accomplishments for the project.

The Future of Baby Apollo Coin and Apollo Coin

From what can be gathered from their press conferences and AMAs, the team has more secret projects and utilities to reveal. Baby Apollo Coin was initially teased as “Codename: Artemis” before the full details were revealed. All signs point to the team having several more undisclosed codenamed projects under development. One such mystery project may have been given the “Origins 11” codename, as it was briefly listed on their website roadmap before quietly being removed a few days later.

The Baby Apollo Coin team is looking forward to bringing their new token to the world and giving back to the APX community. Please visit the Baby Apollo Coin website or join the Baby Apollo Coin Telegram group for more information.

Telegram: https://t.me/apollocointg

Website: https://babyapollocoin.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/babyapollocoin

Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/ApolloCoin

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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