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Are you enthusiastic about discovering brand-new music that spans so many different genres and styles? If your answer is yes, Tunedly.com  may be the right music site for you, The slogan for this website is simply “Only Music Matters.” It enables users to find out about new tracks. It enables them to secure Tunedcoins at the same time, too.

This website is in no way, shape or form a standard music streaming option. It’s nothing like its many competitors out there. It enables users to listen to tunes without having to pay anything at all. It enables them to tackle “scouting” duties as well. Tunedly scouts choose the tracks that they prefer the most.

They can select these songs without knowing the names of the musical acts that are behind them as well. What makes this site so exceptional within the vast and expansive contemporary music discovery realm? It gives users the chance to basically work as A&R scouts of sorts.

If a user’s preferred artists get signed successfully, he or she will be able to rack up Tunedcoins.

Why This Website May Be a Game Changer in the Music Discovery Universe

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People often have many relevant questions that involve the state of the music industry in this day and age.

They don’t like the concept of allowing industry executives to be the only ones who are able to make major track choices regarding radio play, television and film placements, and anything else along those lines. They believe that average music aficionados should be the ones who make key decisions.

This makes complete sense. The primary aim of Tunedly.com is to basically revamp the way the music scene operates nowadays. It gives people who listen to music the rare and exciting chance to find out about songs that are fresh and new to them. It gives them the chance to overhaul things for unknown artists and songs as well.

If a person loves the idea of being able to pinpoint the radio sensations of tomorrow, he or she should probably become a scout for the site. People who use this site don’t just secure Tunedcoins. They secure NFTs simultaneously, too. After scouts gain sufficient NFTs and Tunedcoins, they can get their hands on fractions of the royalties that the tracks make.

This can promote a just and consistent music discovery pathway for everyone.

Understanding the Tunedcoin

Some people have questions that involve the seemingly mysterious “Tunedcoin.” These coins aren’t actually as enigmatic as many people imagine. They’re essentially the music industry’s cryptocurrency.

It’s critical for people to take the time to grasp the ins and outs of Tuned NFTs and Tunedcoins prior to gaining scout status. Users can kick things off by listening to songs via the site’s designated Music Discovery App. After they pick out songs that they prefer, they can grant them “stars” immediately.

If the website signs a track that was assigned a star, the scout will be able to get a Tunedcoin. He or she will be able to get the NFT for that tune, too. Tunedly after that gives out royalties to song NFT holders. This is restricted to the initial 1,000 total upvotes for tracks.

Tunedcoin’s maximum supplies are 21,000,000. Various different cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens have maximum supplies that are similar as well. Examples are Aave, Bitcoin, Dash, Elrond, and, last but definitely not least, Bitcoin Cash.

These maximum supplies are 16,000,000, 21,000,000, 18,900,000, 31,000,000 and 21,000,000 respectively.

The Roots of Tunedly

It’s not only crucial to fully grasp the way this website works. It’s just as crucial to grasp the background of the site. It initially was set up to be an in-depth musical act platform of sorts.

The aim back then was to establish a simple Internet destination that would function as a recording studio for songs. Despite that, it rapidly grew. It established A&R, music discovery and even music publishing divisions relatively speedily and easily. Its ecosystem is equipped with the previously mentioned Tunedcoin, a native coin.

This token falls under the Polygon umbrella. What makes Tunedly’s thorough ecosystem so memorable? This ecosystem showcases the ways in which decentralized finance, non-fungible tokens and blockchain technology can all change the operations of the music industry dramatically.

The people behind this platform strive to change how the music world picks new music. They strive to do this by recruiting the assistance of bona fide listeners. Tunedly’s team wants standard music buffs to take on A&R duties. This is something that was previously unheard of in the constantly changing and complex music scene.

Tunedly wants music selection to be something that no longer is unjust. It doesn’t want to cater solely to artists who have lots of wherewithal at their disposal. It doesn’t want to cater solely to artists who are already established all over the planet as well. It wants to cater to everyone without any exceptions.

This platform works to give listeners the ability to take charge of music hits that are on the horizon. Tunedly started out as a music production firm that was virtual. It functioned as a company that helped songwriters, artists, and musicians to get to a recording studio that epitomized the finest caliber possible.

It helped these individuals get to session musicians who were respected and experienced, too. The platform is made up of a sizable international community that includes artists, songwriters and various others. The site simplifies music teamwork in a big way. Music managers and musicians themselves are the individuals who helped make Tunedly comes to fruition.

These talents longed to come up with realistic music production collaboration options. They wanted to help artists and songwriters say farewell to obstacles that stopped them from pursuing enriching musical careers. This platform has been aiding musicians and songwriters in its current form since all the way back in 2016.

It expanded with the passing of time and because of that became a music publishing company as well. It did this in conjunction with the widely known Spirit Music Group. Spirit Music Group has the distinction of being the United States’ biggest independent music publisher.

It’s equipped with songs that were made by artists including Beyonce, Garth Brooks, and Ed Sheeran. It has many others beyond those as well. The platform revealed that it was teaming up with Spirit Music Group not long after 2021 began. It revealed that it was getting substantial submissions from aspiring acts who wanted to secure Tunedly deals.

Thankfully, Tunedly didn’t want to “fix” this dilemma in a conventional manner. It wanted to steer clear of just recruiting an A&R crew that would essentially listen to endless tracks on a daily basis. It didn’t think that that strategy made any sense at all. That’s the reason the platform put together a more creative and imaginative strategy.

Ambitious artists can post their tracks using the platform. Other users can stream these tracks unsystematically. Tunedly’s approach is distinctive because it doesn’t provide users with any details regarding the artist’s identity at all. Users are not able to pinpoint the names of the new artists they hear.

They aren’t able to learn about stream amounts or “like” amounts. They aren’t even able to see pictures of the artists that they’ve just encountered. They don’t know if they’ve just heard a single from a music powerhouse that is established. They don’t know if they’ve just heard a recording from a new act that just formed a couple of short months ago.

When Tunedly users give songs stars, their reactions are genuine as can be. They’re not swayed by social media comment amounts. They’re not swayed by nostalgia or popularity in general, either. This highlights all the wonders of Tunedly as a contemporary music platform.

Listeners who register for accounts through this platform can dish out single stars to their preferred tracks. They can do this once daily. Music fans can make money by checking out new songs and giving out stars whenever they see fit. The platform takes the time to stay on top of star deployment matters.

It stays on top of different user behavior patterns and practices as well. It zeroes in on timing, skip rates, typical song listening durations, and beyond. The system uses this information as a means of recognizing the platform’s songs that have the most potential.

After the system picks up on tracks that have the highest potential, Tunedly proceeds by signing the tracks to publish deals that are totally exclusive. The platform strives to acquire advertising, television program, and film placements for these specific songs, too. Artists can grow easily using Tunedly.

They can start by uploading their tracks to the platform. Once their songs have been uploaded, users can begin streaming them and assessing them. If many users like what they hear, they can contribute to struggling artists getting their hands on thrilling publishing deals. Signed tracks are able to collect a total of 1,250 Tunedcoins. Song rights holders receive 250 Tunedcoins, too.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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