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A Detailed Guide to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Pricing and Benefits

A Detailed Guide to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Pricing and Benefits

What is customer relationship management (CRM)

Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the most effective methods of staying on top of competition and attracting new customers in an industry. Customer relationship management is the set of different strategies and protocols that businesses set forth and follow to analyze the needs of their customers to provide them with their wants and needs.

How is CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365 connected

Lately, many companies have started to use applications and tools that are intended to provide numerous types of CRM statistics and improve the workflow of businesses. One of these applications that is well known in numerous industries is Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most effective CRM applications that provides users with countless benefits and features. However, to get started with the application, it is important to have a detailed guide to the cost of Microsoft Dynamics CRM application to decipher whether the tool is fit for one’s business. When it comes to pricing Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers an above average price to its users; however, compared to other tools and CRM applications, Dynamics 365 offers a wide range of additional features and advantages to its user, making its price logical for users.

Thus, when deciding on which application to use to have a better and more effective customer relationship management (CRM), many users have suggested Dynamics 365.

Different types of benefits in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

As previously stated, by purchasing a subscription to Microsoft Dynamics 365, companies and users will have the opportunity to gain a lot of benefits.

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First, the application works through the Microsoft environment, meaning that users will have easy access to all the files that hey have stored on numerous Microsoft product platforms. For instance, when an Excel data sheet is needed to conduct a CRM analysis, employees will have the chance to easily access the file and use the data on the Dynamics 365 platform. However, when using an application that does not work within the Microsoft environment, employees will have to download and re-upload the files onto the CRM application’s platform, which increases the time it takes to achieve certain tasks.

On the other hand, using Dynamics 365, employees will be able to share files and data alongside communicating with each other easily and quickly. Sharing files from within the Microsoft environment decreases the chances of leaking confidential data to other sources.

Plus, the application provides a highly secured environment for businesses. Some businesses fear that using certain applications and platforms might cause them to lose confidential data to other sources and even the public. However, Microsoft has taken into account this concern and has provided users with the ability of having a multi-factor authentication protection over their accounts.

Thus, by using Microsoft Dynamics 365, companies and users are able to enjoy a lot of benefits alongside securing and protecting their accounts from external sources.

So, when choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the CRM application for a business and creating a pricing plan, companies should consider some of the factors that could increase or decrease the price of the subscription. Here is a detailed guide on how to draw the pricing plan for the application.

Detailed Guide to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Pricing:

1- Different subscription options

Microsoft is known to offer its users with different types of subscriptions plans and Microsoft Dynamics 365 is no different. Before committing to the tool, those who are responsible for setting up the tool should conduct research and trials to understand which type of subscription option is the best fit for their business.

The options can depend on the size of the businesses and the number of accounts needed, or how much storage a business needs, etc. Whatever the case, businesses should understand what they will benefit from each option and proceed accordingly.

2- Additional prices for Add-ons and external tools

Some companies have the tendency to use add-ons and other tools that are a crucial part of their workflow. For instance, numerous companies use tools that manage the tasks that each employee is assigned automatically – and for that, it is important to understand how much additional price companies need to pay to be able to integrate these kinds of tools into the application.

3- Customization and personalization costs

Similar to other CRM applications, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides different depth of analysis and configuration to its users. Some businesses prefer to get basic statistics without deep and complex calculations, and others prefer to get as much in-depth analysis as possible to make better decisions based on almost accurate statistics.

Thus, when assigning a budget to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration, companies should decide the depth of the analysis they wish to get from the tool to calculate as close to the budget as possible.


To conclude, having a detailed guide for integrating Dynamics 364 is important for businesses to be able to conduct a cost-benefit analysis whether the application will benefit and cause the growth of their business.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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