• Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

6 Insane but True Things About Bitcoin


Like it or not, Bitcoin has become a part of our popular culture. 

No matter what Bitcoin is currently trading at, cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

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Many people are looking for how to get into Bitcoin futures as the Bitcoin ETFs launch.

And this has created new opportunities for others. 

You may not realize this, but we are on the cusp of history. 

And there are many things people don’t know about Bitcoin. 

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Here are six things that may sound crazy but are true about Bitcoin. 


Bitcoin Trading Charts are the Same With Others

You don’t need any special skills to know how to read Bitcoin trading charts. 

Bitcoin trading charts function the same way and manner in which other trading charts function. 

The chances are, if you know how to read the trading charts of Forex, for instance, you should be able to read Bitcoin trading charts as well. 

Bitcoin ATM Machines Exist

Believe it or not, Bitcoin ATM machines exist. Many people think this is a myth.

They think it will be difficult for anybody to understand how Bitcoin ATM machines work. 

The truth is many people understand how Bitcoin ATM machines work, and many people use them every day!

Some even prefer Bitcoin ATM machines to regular ATM machines. 


The Bitcoin Blockchain is Global

One of the reasons many people give reasons why Bitcoin won’t work is because they don’t understand the global nature of the Bitcoin blockchain. 

Bitcoin nodes exist on almost every continent on earth. Miners are everywhere and are making tons of profits.

It has enabled the Bitcoin blockchain to become the dominant blockchain on earth. 

It has become an operational blockchain that has no single party governing its operations.

It is unlike other central blockchains. 

Bitcoin Trading is Profitable

Because of Bitcoin’s volatile nature, many people think that Bitcoin traders are gambling rather than trading. 

The truth is, if you have the risk appetite, you could make wild profits from trading Bitcoin. 

However, many of the naysayers don’t know how to make profit in trading Bitcoin. 

If they knew how to make profit in trading Bitcoin, they wouldn’t even spill their secrets!

The Best Time to Invest in Bitcoin is Today!

If you think you have missed the Bitcoin bus, think again!

Many people think that the best time to invest in Bitcoin has passed. 

They think anyone who asks: “What is the best time to invest in Bitcoin?” is lost. 

The truth is, if you understand how markets work, you could buy Bitcoin today and sell when you are at a comfortable profit level. 

There is no set time or date for anyone to invest in Bitcoin.

The time is today!


The Bitcoin Blockchain is Huge

Many people have wondered:” How big is the Bitcoin blockchain?”. The truth is, the Bitcoin blockchain is huge and may not fit comfortably on your regular-sized laptop.

Even in a laptop or hard drive that may have about one Terabyte of space, the Bitcoin blockchain will take about 360.02 gigabytes of space. 

That is almost 40% of such a drive. 

One other fact is that the Bitcoin blockchain is continuously updated.

So changing drives is going to be an issue for anyone who keeps downloading the Bitcoin blockchain.

There is a Future for Bitcoin

Many people think Bitcoin is fringe technology and has no place within today’s society. 

Blockchain technology offers so many advantages over relational database management systems (RDBMS) Bitcoin’s promise. 

We are all sure of one thing: Now that Bitcoin has come, it is here to stay!


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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.