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4 Types of Investment That are Suitable for Anyone



Investments can intimidate people especially if they are just starting this venture as there are a lot of them available in the market. People are reluctant in selecting certain kinds of investments due to the fear of loss and recovery. Inflation has made living difficult for common people but to counter this problem, you will have to have some amount in your emergency fund to help you out in difficult times.

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We have researched some investment sources and here are the four best ones that anyone can go for.

Retirement Plans

Different companies offer various types of investment plans. The common ones are 401(k) and 403(b) plans, among others. An IRA (individual investment plan) can be an option for those who aren’t provided with a retirement plan from their company.

You can fund your investment asset through retirement plans by buying something from it. For example, you can keep it in a fixed deposit in a bank or buy a vehicle or real estate that has the potential to grow.

Don’t let your retirement funds lay around in the bank as they will lose their value as time passes. Invest them in something small or ongoing so you get a good ROI which you can use in the future to invest your financial assets.

ETFs – Exchange Traded Funds

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ETFs are a pool of investments that aid in tracking a market index. They are usually bought via a fund company and its shares are traded on the stock market. Their prices waver throughout the day and the uncertainty depends on the market conditions.

New investors are usually recommended to go for ETFs as they have various options, unlike individual stocks. You can cater to the loss by selecting an ETF that tracks a wider index. Similar to mutual funds, you can generate income through exchange-traded funds by selling them when it becomes higher in value.


The most unique and common way of generating substantial investment in less time. Crypto is famous for its uncertain market condition but using those fluctuations to your advantage can make you hefty profits that no other investment can.

If you are starting out, you can go for an online brokerage like Bitcode Prime, enter in some of your information with small investment money and it will provide you with all the market statistics while helping you trade in the best way possible.


While procuring a bond, you are lending the amount to a financial institution. It can now be any type of corporation, such as a privately owned business or a government institute. Companies or privately owned businesses giveaway Corporate Bonds while the government entity issues Municipal Bonds.

When you’re lending money by buying a bond, you will get payments in interest. After a while, when the bond has gained its value and your contract has reached its expiration, you will receive all of your principal back. 


Investments are essential to becoming a part of a person’s monetary plans as they provide a safe and secure future, especially in these tough times of inflation. You should gather the courage to set aside funds for investments. It doesn’t have to be in hundreds of thousands, a small amount spent regularly can sum up to big profits.

You should be dedicated to your cause and be regular with your payments. Also, always counter the loss and set money aside for it as well because it might eat up your savings if you don’t set an estimate for it.


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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.