11 Ways to Evade Surveillance and AI Tracking

If you’ve traveled through London or China, you know what being surveilled is -up close and personal. On vacation with my wife in Shoreditch, a suburb of London, I was surprised how extensive the CCT camera system was. Another surprising thing was that the Police were watching them quite closely.

My wife and were walking in the neighborhood and stopped and sat down in a park. So we’re sitting there, and I fire up a cigar I had purchased, and my wife wanted to taste the smooth cigar. I pass it to her, and within 2-3 minutes a police officer on a bike came pulling up to us… Surveillance at it’s best.
I said to myself, “This is a thing now, welcome to the future.” People being born today don’t have a chance. The future will be Surveillance, algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence for as far as the eye can see.

These Technology and surveillance companies have made intelligence gathering big, mostly because of the possibility it creates to target an audience of potential customers technology and surveillance companies have made intelligence gathering big, mostly because of the possibility it creates to target an audience of potential customers technology and surveillance companies have made intelligence gathering big, mostly because of the possibility it creates to target an audience of potential customers  technology and surveillance companies have made intelligence gathering big, mostly because of the possibility it creates to target an audience of potential customers and surveillance companies have made intelligence gathering big, mostly because of the possibility it creates to target an audience of potential customers leading to surveillance bias and the profit incentive that comes with it.

The Surveillance detectors these big tech companies use along with large retailers.. they use our data to be able to detect patterns in our behavior.

These companies use these patterns to predict our behavior, including the things we will do in the future, create assumptions about us and who we really are to enable them to sell us a lot more effectively.

It’s simple; detecting your online behavior helps them to determine your priorities and needs, and tracking your location helps them to identify where you visit most often.

This is an easy way to figure out what your needs or priorities may be enabling them to bring products or services before you that suit those priorities, the days of the surveillance vans with dark windows are over.

This might, on the surface look innocent and come across as harmless, but the big downside of this reality is that it violates people’s rights to absolute privacy and disrespects civil liberties, security and surveillance are working hand in hand in watching and monitoring.

People have personal information and lifestyles they would really rather keep safe and private from Technology and Surveillance. People already deal with a lot of surveillance in the workplace. In other parts of there lives, they don’t want to be watched.

The tech companies, in a bid to sell information make a profit, it dishonors these preferences and hacks the private lives of individuals, who pass on their knowledge for a trade to be on Social Media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

This practice of intelligence gathering, a new surveillance technique that is now so common it is not merely limited to such data as one’s choice of movies or the kinds of things they buy online. It’s being surveilled while walking down the street.

Usually, these tech companies just need to combine your online behavior with tracking of the location to decipher the more intimate details of your life, details you might really want to keep as private as possible.

The New York Times, retailers and lenders are using people’s data on the purchases they’ve made before to predict which clients have a higher tendency to repay their debts on time.

Surveillance Matrix
Surveillance Code

What this means is that clients who are assumed, based on findings concerning a particular group, not to be able or willing to make repayments on time could be rejected for credits from stores. These new surveillance methods are worse.

All over the internet, more and more of us are sharing more and more data about ourselves through our gadgets and devices with the tech companies more than happy to gather and analyze and disperse the info for profits.

Because these companies have a range of information available to them including a clear understanding of our behaviors and routines, these tech companies are extracting a lot more about us users than we probably imagined they would even be interested in.

To save people from being spied on, anti-surveillance inventions have been created to help people evade the high levels of Surveillance which people are starting to sour too.

Here are 10 SURVEILLANCE GEARS designed to enable online privacy.

Dazzle Designs: Created by the privacy-conscious designer, Adam Harvey, this design made for makeup and hair helps to make the eyes, the bridge of the nose, and the shape of the headless visible.

It also creates contrasts in the tone of the skin. Typically, technological inventions designed for facial recognition work by merely assuming the symmetry of the face.

Following the outline of a person’s facial features and then providing any missing information. In opposition to this, the anti-face technology works by helping to hide one’s identity from facial recognition algorithms making it difficult actually to detect a human face.

Camouflage: This is a software created to enable users to be able to create their own facial looks as it suits them. This software allows you to determine your facial preferences and organize them for yourself, making it difficult for the detectors to discover the real layout of your face.

The Laptop Compubody Sock: This was designed by Becky Stern as a tongue-in-cheek way to stop spying. However, it offers an easy-to-carry peek-free zone to people using laptops to help them escape any privacy invasion.

The CHBL Jammer Coat: This uses fabrics with metal infused in them to make it impossible to reach people’s personal gadgets and blocking calls, texts, and radio waves and hence, protecting their privacy.

The Phonekerchief: Just like the CHBL Jammer Coat above, this invention also uses fabrics infused with metal to protect personal gadgets from being reached in a bid to protect the privacy of the user.

The Sentient City Survival Kit: The Sentient City Survival Kit is the hardware you get to wear as underwear. When using this hardware, it gives you notifications about phishing and any attempts to track you.

The Sentient City Survival Kit also comes with an LED umbrella that allows you to manipulate the object tracking algorithm which advanced surveillance systems use.

Invisibility Glasses: Antivirus software experts, AVG have announced the invisibility glasses which its Innovation Labs Division has developed for users who want to ensure more effective protection of their privacies.

The glasses are actually designed with infrared lights, which help to create noise around the eyes and nose. It also comes with a retro-reflective frame coating which interrupts camera flashes (be it a CCTV camera, a phone camera or a drone) making it difficult for the user of the glasses to be facially recognized.

However, in spite of the negativity trends of tech companies invading user privatizing, intelligence gathering and Surveillance also comes with its perks.

Artificial Intelligence has taken over a very massive part of the technology space enabling the gathering of useful data in the public domain, especially for purposes of security.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Most businesses today are using artificial intelligence to promote their products. With the advanced solutions it comes with, Artificial Intelligence also helps enable better customer satisfaction as well as better Return on Investment (ROI) for integrators and installers.

AI can be very useful in identifying issues. Its advanced solutions for matrix math calculations and algorithms has made it a lot more suitable and equipped for Surveillance because of Machine Learning.

This machine learning can be taught to identify the differences and alterations in colors, shapes, sounds, temperature, vibrations, pressure, and chemicals, all vital factors in detecting real-time issues. Artificial Intelligence is possible mainly because of data.

Why data is gotten, how it is gotten plus the understanding, interpretation, and compilation of it really decides how one manufacturer can be unique as compared to others.

Mobile Surveillance: More than just smartphones and all the other mobile gadgets we use and carry about, mobile Surveillance has to with Surveillance on trains, plains, trucks, and other automobiles.

Transportation surveillance is recently quite prevalent and is one of the top surveillance trends around.

This generally has to do with sensors with specific roles such as those of force, position, torque, pressure, level, temperature, smoke, proximity and are prevalent in devices like gyroscopes, altimeters, accelerometers, GPS and radar among many other devices.

These are installed to enable the monitoring of performance as well as functionality, survey various environments, and on the event that any irregularities are detected, send alerts for events.

Wearable Surveillance: One other top surveillance trend making waves in the industry is wearable Surveillance.

People are looking for the most dependable as well as an effective way to help the police and security forces provide better protection for public places including stadiums, churches, airports, parks, malls, offices, transport stations as well as other places where people gather in large numbers.

Body cams can be worn in different parts of the body or on clothing such as on a cap or over the ears or even across the chest with an attached audio headset to enable communication.

Body cams are designed and set so that they can get live data at any given point in time.

These wearable surveillance devices typically come with their own security features.

Typically, body cams, when they are not being used, are taken back to charge on a home base. Each individual would have a device assigned to them, and this device would come with a unique passcode and ID.

All of these devices are connected to a center for central control where Artificial Intelligence is used to keep tabs on the activities from all these devices and at every given point in time.

This makes it easy and possible for the police officers or guards to connect the control center easy if there are any suspicious activity and help is needed.

Besides that, the control center itself can also detect any suspicious activities or movements to call the attention of the security guard, describing the suspected danger to enable better security.

Wearable Surveillance is integrating more and more high technology to enable the monitoring of interactions. In a stadium, for example, a single team or person cannot possibly monitor the entire arena.

It is here that Artificial Intelligence becomes very important. The data sent back to the control center is evaluated to recognize large streams of patterns in behavior.

On the event that a suspicious body that shouldn’t be there is identified, the attention of security will be called immediately with instructions to them to investigate any irregularities.

This method of Artificial Intelligence has great potential and capacity to save a lot of resources, time, and even lives.

Ultimately, it is the gathering of data that allows for the possibility of either of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or advanced detection.

Obviously, the trend of Surveillance and data gathering, which is now widespread practice comes with two-way effects.

While it apparently comes with its benefits both in business and security as we have noted, more and more people are still concerned with how their privacies are invaded and how they can go undetected on the internet, on social platforms and even on the streets.

Ai and Surveillance
Ai and Surveillance

Apart from the above mentioned technological developments which have been created to help protect people’s civil liberties and private lives, preventing private corporations from being able to make biometric profiles on you could be an excellent way to keep your privacy safe.

Be careful when using social networks and be certainly care about the personal information you let on.

You might also want to pay keen attention to how your gadgets are supplying information to third parties and how much knowledge these devices are letting on.

It becomes imperative right here, to protect the security of your messages, which is about your best bet against mass surveillance.

The truth, however, is that your mobile phone maybe even working against you because mobile phones typically report your location to the network as you go from place to place.

It’s the only way you can actually get a call because it’s the only way the system can figure out where to send your request.

Other simple things you can do to protect your privacy include using end to end encryption in your chats.

Off-the-record (OTR) messaging is an excellent and easy way to ensure an end to end encryption and is a way safer option than Facebook chats or even Google Hangout.

Using stronger and longer and not easily predictable passwords are also a good idea.

Instead of the short, memorable passwords, you use on all your social media accounts and gadgets or web services, try creating more complicated passwords.

If you’re worried about not remembering these different passwords for your various devices, email accounts, or web services, you can easily use Password Manager.

Turning on two-factor or two-step authentication is another known way to protect your privacy.

This allows you to type a password alongside a confirmation number which is changed regularly and in turn, protects you from cloud services and web attacks.

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