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Zombie Hunting Augemented Reality Game YoHunt Launching YoKen


Its Native Token, on Halloween

YoHunt, a new augmented reality mobile game that combines exciting, challenging, and competitive outdoor play-to-earn gaming, is launching its native token YoKen. YoHunt game combines all the latest cultural touchpoints: zombies, mindless mobile gaming, and Augmented Reality (AR) and then interconnects them into a package with crypto and NFT overtones, making its debut on the first non-pandemic Halloween in three years.

YoHunt gives players the opportunity to collect and trade rare NFTs with the ultimate goal of capturing the Queen E. and thereby ending the season by giving the only winner on the planet unlimited bragging rights.

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In YoHunt, players venture out into the actual world, to locate and capture virtual zombies using their mobile devices, collecting more valuable NFT Zombies as they progress. It’s the newest foray into an augmented reality that delivers exciting, challenging, and competitive play-to-earn gaming with the opportunity to collect and trade rare NFTs.

In-app purchases provide certain perks and advantages, but the designers have limited paid hacks in favor of old-fashioned patience and skill.

They’ve also emphasized UX throughout the gameplay with artistic (and frightening) encounters with NFT characters. Every zombie is its own NFT, which can be traded like other tokens. But, killing the one-and-only-one queen or one of her ministers is frustratingly challenging, making them exponentially more valuable.  Zombies can be captured through the hunt or bought and traded from other players.

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Once acquired, players may trade their NFTs in the marketplace. YoKen, YoHunt’s native token, is the only currency that is used and accepted in the in-game store and the marketplace.  All profits from the game, both internally and externally, are used to increase the value of YoKen through buyback, burning of tokens, and additions to the liquidity pool.

Enthusiastic beta testers have been helping refine the YoHunt mobile app for some time now, waiting for its actual launch, expected later in 2023. Its creators chose to hold its release until the market would support folks leaving their houses again in large numbers and allow YoKen to gain attraction inside the crypto community.

That’s given them time to ramp up the game play action and create new characters while ensuring it is a smooth laugh devoid of technical glitches.

By timing the release of the native token YoKen to Halloween, YoHunt capitalizes on the season and amps up the red-hot anticipation around the AR game’s release. The token presale begins on Halloween, October 31, 2022.

“We’ve put together a great team of game designers and crypto specialists,” says Marisol Cardona, YoHunt Founder. “There are so many elements I love about this game, for one, I love to be scared, and I love a challenge. Some zombies will appear mostly at night, so you’ll have to be brave if you want to progress. Secondly, I think it’s fantastic that YoHunt gives players the opportunity to earn digital currency without any personal investment outside of skill, patience, and some luck.”

YoHunt is the first mobile augmented reality game that uses NFTs and crypto in a play-to-earn setting.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.