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YachtX Coin is Launching – Bringing on Travel with Crypto


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YachtX coin is proud to announce the launch of its platform, which will transform people’s passion for travel with crypto. YachtX coin helps reconstruct users’ holidays by making things cheaper simultaneously, allowing our customers to get the best service experience.

YachtX coin provides the customers with an unlimited discount, and with the amounts an individual holds, they shall receive a certain amount of NFTs in regards to their possession of YachtX coin. This can later be used as a discount method in areas of tourism such as booking flights, hotel and villas accommodation, yacht booking, etc. Make users’ holidays easier with unlimited discounts.

The purpose of the YachtX coin is to provide a cryptographically secured medium of exchange, which will facilitate simple exchange and settlement of payments between YachtX Ecosystem members – service providers and travelers. Both of these groups can benefit significantly from using YachtX Coin to facilitate their transactions. Customers will benefit from YachtX coin since we provide unlimited discounts. As for the business sectors, they will also benefit from YachtX coin since it will generate more income as well as provide tax benefits.

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YachtX coin has already undergone its first private sale round, with 100% of the initial tranche of coins sold to a well-known private investment fund headquartered in Dubai. This will ensure investors that the project is worth funding since the YachtX coin has monetary value backed by a prominent private capital company based in Dubai.

One of the most significant consumer behavior changes in the luxury travel industry is the significantly reduced reliance on travel agencies for scheduling, booking, and paying for luxury trips. In the past, luxury travelers would typically have relied on a specialist travel agency to organize their travel, making it easier to make a single payment in their home currency.

YachtX’s vision is to eliminate the complexity and overhead cost of luxury travel in the travel and tourism industry.

YachtX’s mission is to get people traveling again by making it easy to plan, pay for and afford luxury travel. By providing a single cryptocurrency for international travel, as well as the associated membership discount program, YachtX aims to serve luxury travelers and the travel industry and get people back to enjoying, rather than planning, their travel experience.

The launch date for the YachtX coin is on the 26th of February 2022. To learn more about YachtX coin, visit https://yachtxcoin.com/

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.