NAIROBI, BITHUB AFRICA/ — BitHub Africa, the leading Pan-African blockchain Accelerator is announcing a launch for the Whive blockchain protocol happening on February 2nd 2020.

Whive IO, is a peer-to-peer blockchain protocol that is incentivizing the building of sustainable energy solutions through Trustless Rewards.

The protocol achieves this through a hybrid Proof-of-Work(POW) & Proof-Of-Stake(POS) consensus algorithm that favors devices with CPU(small) processors & are located in regions with a high solar capture reliability index.

The protocol has been developed by the wider BitHub Africa community, which includes engineers from around the World.

BitHub Africa, is developing Melanin Solar, a distributed energy solution for solar micro-grids, built on the Whive protocol. This enables the adoption of solar energy use especially in under-served regions of the World like Africa.

BitHub Africa has also open-sourced its blockchain engineering curriculum, which is curated from the 5 years of engaging the community, researching & developing the protocol.

The curriculum includes modules on how to setup blockchain nodes, mine tokens & build smart contracts to automate machine to machine(M2M) micro-transaction payments with a focus on the energy use-case.

This engineering course will ensure our community of African developers, entrepreneurs, & key institutions will understand how to deploy blockchain solutions.

If you would like to learn more, utilize or contribute to the Whive protocol follow the links below:

Whive Protocol Website: https://whive.io & Telegram Chat: https://www.t.me/whiveio

For media inquiries please email, [email protected].

About BitHub.Africa

BitHub.Africa is an Accelerator that is focused on driving Energy access across Africa. For the past 5 years, BitHub Africa has been building the biggest blockchain community in Africa Through the Melanin Academy; which is training engineers to develop and deploy Melanin Solar a distributed Solar energy solution. BitHub Africa aims to train 2,000 Blockchain engineers to support the roll-out of Melanin Solar & other Blockchain based solutions built for Africa.


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