Era7 Announces EsportFi Project Launch


LONDON, March 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Era7, a BNB chain based NFT game, has recently announced the launch date for its project, scheduled for March 30th, 2022. Era7, Game of Truth incorporates an incentivization model where players that provide liquidity get more rewards. In an attempt to attract a committed user base, Era7 takes things up a notch by offering superior interaction at an accelerated speed, more prizes in lesser time, and a betting/ contest structure.

Era7 Announces EsportFi Project Launch 1

The idea behind Era7, like all other games, is to deliver intuitive and incredibly easy-to-master gameplay. As a blockchain-based game, Era7 will attract two kinds of users—regular gamers and blockchain enthusiasts. Albeit still accessible to regular “out-of-the-circle” players, Era7 will hope to increase the adoption of blockchain technology, a common goal of most projects built on the distributed ledger technology.

Era7 commingles competitiveness, fun, rewards, and low stress to deliver an immersive and intriguing game. Across seven distinct forces, Era7 makes available 1,000 cards for truly competitive, transparent, and diverse PvE and PvP game battles. Each round lasts for only three minutes, and users can stake $ERA to get GOT. Additionally, players will earn $ERA as rewards for ranking top on the leaderboard each month.

Guaranteeing a truly transparent blockchain-based gaming project, Era7, in preparation of its forthcoming launch scheduled for March 30th, 2022, has requested the services of CertiK—the leading blockchain security company—and Armors Lab to audit its smart contract.

Era7 Current Achievements 

Merely two weeks after the Alpha testing, Era7 has achieved several feats that were not envisaged.

  • Over 1,500 users completed the NFT purchase and registration phases and have entered the game.
  • Initial Farm Offering on PancakeSwap was a success, with 137 times higher public funds raised and 2.49 times higher private funds raised.
  • A total of over 60% of test users will stay in the game everyday play
  • Over 10,000 transactions were recorded on the Era7 marketplace testnet.
  • 50+ industry media, key opinion leaders, and guild leaders joined the testnet.
  • Users released more than ten promotional videos.
  • Seven communities formed and organized their competitions. 5 Ask-Me-Anythings [AMAs] held by users, and 2 Esport streamers made live streams while playing Era7.
  • With over $1.8 million raised for 20 million $ERA, the liquidity pool, at the time of writing, holds over $1.96 million. Additionally, the price of $ERA has experienced a measure of stability, rising from $0.09 to $0.19.

Era7’s Roadmap 

As an ambitious project seeking to leave a mark on the budding GameFi space, Era7 has planned out great rewards for community members.

To kick-off, Era7 will offer daily, bi-weekly, and monthly play-to-earn [P2E] rewards while providing unlimited access to a complimentary world. Plans are underway to expand its metaverse presence with the launch of an animated series.

Era7 has slated March 25th, 2022, as the Third Batch NFT Mystery Box sale and March 28th as the availability date for the NFT Mastercard. Additionally, the project will launch on March 30th, 2022, as previously mentioned, and March 31st as the opening day for the mining camp for NFT battle cards.

About Era7

Era7 is an NFT game on the BNB Chain. Combining many unique features, Era7 aims to offer an intuitive, fun, and engaging game for regular players and blockchain enthusiasts alike. With its token, GOT—the fuel of the gameplay—Era7 will reward gamers for taking part in battles and contests.

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