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Have you been thinking lately about exchanging your stablecoins for crypto with better growth potential? Then you definitely need a reliable crypto exchange service – Exolix. It has been present on the market of crypto conversion since 2018. Within this time, the platform got the reputation of a fast, safe service with beneficial exchange rates.

By converting your coins on Exolix, you can enjoy the multiple benefits it provides, including:

  • no need for registration or KYC verification;
  • no limits on the exchange amount – swap as many coins as you need;
  • exchange process taking around 5 – 30 minutes;
  • you can exchange crypto at fixed rates;
  • complete anonymity for every client;
  • ultimate safety measures to protect the users and crypto trading operations;
  • no additional charges;
  • total transparency of the process: track your coin swap transaction at every stage.

The service also offers a huge selection of cryptocurrencies for exchange. So whether you’d like to swap some most popular coins like BTC and ETH, or some less profitable cryptocurrencies, Exolix is always there to offer the best terms.

How Does Exolix Work?

Exolix crypto exchange platform is integrated into the largest trading platforms. Its algorithm of work implies searching for the most beneficial coin buy-trade ratio within those platforms to give the user the opportunity of converting their coins, like BTC to USDT, under the most favorable conditions.

AI Trading Robot

All transactions are fulfilled in four steps only. With the growth of the sum you swap, the duration of the process will increase. Knowing about this, you should also remember that the maximum time for fixing the rates is 60 minutes. Once this time is over, the transaction is performed with floating rates.


What Is Our Affiliate Program?

The affiliate program allows you to become a partner of Exolix and earn money from every transaction that comes from your account. There are three types of partnership you can choose:

  • API for integrating the exchange flow. It allows getting profit by varying the exchange rates in coin conversions.
  • Referral links. A nice offer for content producers who can invite their audience to swap crypto of Exolix. 
  • Exchange widget. Add an Exolix widget to your website to receive Up to 2% fee from each transaction.

While you are thinking about the partnership option that looks best for you, take a look at the benefits you can get by joining the Exolix affiliate program:

  • 0.5% of default commission with the possibility to increase it to 2% from each transaction;
  • income in Bitcoin;
  • best exchange rates;
  • your website/blog will be mentioned on our platform partner’s list.

If passive income is what you always wanted to get, why won’t you start getting it in partnership with Exolix?

Bottom Line

Exolix is definitely worth dealing with. Whether you use it for crypto exchange or become its partner, you always win.

AI Trading Robot

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.