Welcome to Alpha Elementary!


Here at Alpha Elementary, we believe in preparing our kids for an extraordinary future, and as the next generation, this motley collection of youngsters are on their way.

A.E. is a collection of 3,000 Alpha Elementary school photo NFTs. Unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain, stored as ERC-721 tokens, and hosted on IPFS. The class collection consists of four school Houses each with their own unique look and vibe.

They’re a class of cool, cute, creepy and, unfortunately for some, downright ugly kids, ready to have their portrait taken on school photo day.

On common ground we stand all as former children. Everyone has been through a school system and love it or hate, those experiences and memories shape and connect us. Although differences are vast and far ranging, there are core similarities we all share. Friendships, first crushes, early life lessons, wins/losses, detention, playground antics.

Alpha Elementary champions individuality through unique themes, and traits in the 4 x School Houses within the collection. Traits are inspired by IRL storytelling from our founders, friends and community and tap into a sense of nostalgia for those simple school days, where best friends were forged and every experience was a new experience.

The accessible collection is the brainchild of friends and collaborators @SaJo and @hogchop. SaJo is an illustrator, designer & art director and Hogchop, a Creative Technologist, both who have worked on a range of tech-forward businesses including AWS, IBM, Google and Atlassian.

This is just the beginning. Join these kids on their journey.


Alpha Elementary Website https://www.alphaelementary.io/ 

Alpha Elementary Twitter https://twitter.com/AlphaAcademyNFT 

Alpha Elementary IG https://www.instagram.com/alphaelementarynft/ 

SaJo’s Collections The Xile Series https://opensea.io/collection/the-xile-series \

Xile Xpanded https://opensea.io/collection/xile-xpanded 

For the Love of the Game (derivs and community artwork)


SaJo’s IG https://www.instagram.com/sajocreate/ 

The Collection

Name: Alpha Elementary

Total Number of Tokens: 3000

Price: 0.07 Ξ (4 x mint tokens per wallet)

Royalties: 7%

Reserved Tokens: 40 (for project team and giveaways and rewards)

Key Dates

Pre-sale: Friday, 18 February 2022 08:00 runs for 48hrs AEST

Public sale: Sunday, 20 February 2022 08:00 AEST

Artwork Reveal: TBC

Enrolment (Whitelist)

500 WL spots available.

Automatic WL to O.G. Xile/XAlt holders plus an additional bonus to these early SaJo supporters.

The Houses

House ORGANICA: The children of mother earth, 100% organic with nature’s beauty and tones as their preferred look.

House NEUE: The trendsetters in class. The cool kids, the futuristic fashionistas. Stylin’ on chic minimal colourways.

House PSYCHEDELIA: These brain-melting bambinos bring the full mind-expanding spectrum with their kaleidoscopic steez…

House RETROGROOVE: No school like the old-school. Doused in classic nostalgia style, these superfly scraps are all about the O.G. retro vibes of yesteryear.

Roadmap (Field trip)

Although this started as wanting to deliver high-quality unique artwork and utilizing technology in a space that’s redefining/rethinking so many aspects of the current world, we quickly realised there’s a bigger story to tell and want to build a passionate community around the A.E. As an artwork holder, you will be part of future rewards, drops and, most importantly, it’s evolution. More info to come soon…

Welcome to Alpha Elementary! 1

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