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VooVoo NFT Marketplace Fosters Partnerships with Big Global Names


LONDON, Jan. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — VooVoo, an elite NFT Marketplace from the UK, presents an innovative solution that is revolutionizing the presentation of exclusive NFT art galleries. Powered by Solana, “a potential long-term rival for Ethereum,” the VooVoo marketplace is a gamechanger in the industry, determined to deliver a unique and premium experience for all NFT enthusiasts.

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Currently, VooVoo is finalizing a number of discussions & partnerships that will enable it a huge scope of growth globally. These include football clubs in the UK & Europe including advanced discussions with clubs in the Champions League, globally renowned DJ’s & musicians, high-end luxury brands, world-renowned clothing brands, ticketing solutions for music festivals, a number of high profile sports stars including – Football Legends, boxing, Cricket, Rugby, and Snooker among others.

Despite having launched only a few months ago, in the third quarter of 2021, VooVoo is proving to be a force to reckon with and has already set dates for the launch of their own wallet and token. Their cutting-edge wallet is packed with advanced features to help users store and exchange their digital assets, art and collectibles in the most secure way possible. The wallet offers the highest level of security available; all keys are stored locally within the user’s browser and are fully encrypted. That means only the VooWallet user will ever have access to assets within the wallet.

In “The Vault,” VooVoo’s primary marketplace, creators and iconic brands come together to make unique, exclusively licensed and authenticated digital collections and experiences for users around the world.

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“The Marketplace” is a super user-friendly place where users can buy & sell NFT’s previously purchased from “The Vault”. From the ground up, “The Marketplace” was designed in such a way that even the most novice user can buy and sell on the platform with the most minimal effort. That means users can create, mint or upload & sell their own NFT’s without breaking the bank or having to learn how to code. Thanks to the cutting-edge Solana blockchain, the fees on VooVoo are as low as it ever gets in the industry.

Getting started with VooVoo is pretty easy, making it a likely platform to facilitate global NFT adoption at a faster rate. Novice users can access free elaborate guides on navigating the platform, as well as seamless payment options, including cryptocurrency and Credit/Debit cards.

“We bring you a one of its kind NFT solution for bidding in auctions, buying, or trading your exclusive collection. We want you to have greater control of your activities on the platform, starting by transacting on preferred options, including Phantom, Torus, mathWallet, Sollet, Ledger, and Solflare. Other projects coming soon on our platform include P2E Gaming, NFT Ticketing, NFT Assets, NFT Live Events, NFT Music, and the exclusive native $VOO token,” says Kris Hindley, CEO of VooVoo.

Launching a secondary NFT marketplace that allows both fiat and crypto payments is a great way of helping the average digital creator venture into the NFT hype without necessarily being a crypto expert. To bring an unmatched NFT experience to the industry, VooVoo leverages the following features:

Exclusive Content: VooVoo is negotiating partnerships with celebrities and leading sports personalities to launch the most exclusive NFTs on the market.

The Vault: All exclusive NFT drops happen on The Vault, making VooVoo a go-to platform for selling or collecting authenticated NFTs while mitigating fraud. The vault is accessible to verified users across the globe.

The Secondary Marketplace: Users sell their own NFTs and collect NFTs previously purchased from the vault on this platform.

The biggest advantage of the VooVoo platform is its exclusive and luxury NFT segment. The NFT market is pretty saturated with digital creations (including scams that hold little to zero value), making it difficult to sell a collectible that doesn’t include history, brand, or a big name behind it. The NFTs featured on VooVoo’s exclusive segment sell easily, with less hassle since they emanate from celebrated brands, cultures, and personalities.

Media Contact:

Company: VooVoo

Contact: Kris Hindley

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.voovoo.io/

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.