Valiant Eagle (OTC:PSRU) Subsidiary, VE Gaming, Launches “Roo Awakening”

 Game Demo Developed In Conjunction With Robot Sea Monster

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Valiant Eagle, Inc. (OTC Pink: PSRU) is proud to announce that its gaming subsidiary, VE Gaming, is preparing the launch of its first playable video game demo, “Roo Awakening”, in conjunction with Robot Sea Monster. After months of close collaboration, VE Gaming and Robot Sea Monster have completed the new video game and are now shifting attention to the gaming demo launch, as well as organizing a private demo for select gamers in the industry.

VE Gaming and Valiant Eagle are also working towards integrating features from the video game to be compatible with the company’s Fungy NFT marketplace. “Roo Awakening” will have 13,000 kangaroo NFTs with different characteristics, attributes, powers, and more. Gamers can collect the different NFTs and help impact their value by playing the game. In addition, Valiant Eagle is has started the process for  an animated feature inspired by the “Roo Awakening” video game.

In September 2021, VE Gaming initially announced its partnership with Robot Sea Monster, a digital production studio with an impressive background in designing and developing mobile and web-based games, AR/VR games, Web3 applications, and more.

Here is a brief synopsis of the “Roo Awakening” game and NFT collection:

“Sent to earth 50,000 years ago, after an asteroid destroyed their home planet, they quickly became the most prominent animal population. 80 million strong and seemingly unstoppable, the Roos began to reign all over the land. But, a deadly plague known as Delphimorphis had other plans for them and took out 90% of the reigning empire. Only the strong survived. After many years of hibernation, the Roos have awakened and are angry. They are not just angry but are anxious to take back their land and continue where they left”.

The Roo Awakening will be a web and a mobile-based beat-em-up game centered around 13 different mobs of Roos, all specializing in different skills. Purchase a Roo Awakening NFT from a specific mob, and get access to the game where you can play to earn Fungy tokens and other additional rewards. The tokens and rewards can be used on to make your marketplace experience more pleasurable. With an in-game training mode and acquired skills, playing the game allows you to raise the value of your NFT and make the collection much more lucrative. While the rarity of the NFT will determine the skill level and difficulty of the game for faster earning, the ability to bring the lowest priced NFTs to a higher value by engaging in the game will present all investors with equal opportunity to thrive. Which Roo Mob will reign supreme, you decide!!

For more information on the “Roo Awakening” please visit

“The Roo Awakening” is an exciting video game we have been developing alongside Robot Sea Monster for several months. We feel the unique storyline combined with a “Street Fighter”-style gameplay will entice gamers. Furthermore, we see strong opportunities to further integrate and synergize the new game development into our other projects. For instance, the integration of an NFT collection allows for synergies with Valiant Eagle’s Fungy marketplace and through an animated motion picture, which we will provide further details about in future announcements,” stated Xavier Mitchell, CEO of Valiant Eagle. “This is an exciting time for Valiant Eagle and VE Gaming, as we prepare for “The Roo Awakening” demo launch and continue development of our ABA-styled NBA2K video game.”

About Valiant Eagle Inc

Valiant Eagle, Inc. (OTC: PSRU) is a publicly traded corporation focused on energizing celebrity entertainment, social media, and TV communications. VE aims to achieve an unparalleled advancement in media through music, sports, and technology for the millennial generation.

Valiant EagleInvestor inquiries: ir@valianteagle.netWebsite: www.valianteagle.netTwitter: @valianteagleincFacebook: @valianteagleinc

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