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AlwaysGeeky Games launches Voxie Tactics Season 0, Into the Fray


Voxie Tactics - Season 0: Into the Fray

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MONTREAL, Oct. 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AlwaysGeeky Games, the company behind the wildly popular Voxie Tactics, has officially launched Season 0! The season exploded in its first week of release, sending game downloads skyrocketing 166% (up 14,337 over the 8-week rolling average of 8,624, for a total of 22,961).

Season 0 is Voxie Tactics first ever PVP (Player vs Player) ranked season with 2M VOXEL tokens up for grabs in exclusive rewards (currently worth $520,000 USD¹). This exciting Pre-Season launch includes several new and cool in-game updates, including Earnings (Items & Consumables), a transition to Polygon, The Arcanist’s Forge (Item Upgrade Capability), and Renting. For more information, visit voxies.io.

In Voxie Tactics: Season 0, players from across the world will compete in the first 10-week-long competition to see who is the greatest Voxie Tactics player of them all! Winners will take home their share of 2M VOXEL between 2 Arenas.

Season 0 will feature players from the Philippines to Brazil, from France to the UK, from the USA to Canada and beyond. With competitors joining in from around the globe, people will be playing not only for themselves but also as a display of their national pride.

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Voxie Tactics is a free-to-play tactical RPG inspired by the likes of Final Fantasy Tactics. In the game, two players enter the arena with 3 Voxie characters each and a variety of weapons they have collected during their time in the game. These 6 Voxies battle it out to win the match and rise even higher on the competitive leaderboard.

While winning a match increases a player’s ELO score (which determines a player’s overall ranking), they also have the chance to win rewards such as VOXEL tokens that can be used in-game on NFT weapons, armor, and Voxies! VOXEL tokens can also be converted to a local currency or sold on the secondary market.

The 10-week rankings in Season 0 will reward the top 26% of players in addition to the individual battle rewards players will continue to receive for winning each battle.

¹VOXEL token value is subject to market changes.

Competing in the Extreme Arena

Player’s access to the Extreme Arena requires either a Voxie NFT or 1 of 2 Extreme Passes Available!

What’s an Extreme Pass?

An Extreme Pass is a pass that can be purchased from the Voxies Marketplace that grants your account access to play in the Extreme Arena with or without a Voxies NFT. There are 2 Extreme Pass versions, Gold and Diamond. Each version has unique benefits, and both provide entry to the Extreme Arena for the season.

Seasonal Rewards for the Victorious

The total amount up for grabs is 2M VOXEL (1.5M for Season Long Extreme Arena Rewards and 500k for Season Long Draft Arena Rewards). Players have a chance to earn rewards over the course of 10 weeks. Rewards for the various tiers of winners in the Extreme and Draft Arenas are laid out on the Season 0 blog at voxies.io.Rewards that Accumulate!

At the end of the season, players will receive the reward for their final rank, but it doesn’t end there… In addition, higher-ranked players will also receive the rewards from every lower rank. For example, if a player finishes the season in the Diamond tier, they will receive the Diamond, Gold, and Silver reward.

To learn more, visit voxies.io. The fight to glory starts at www.voxies.io/game-download!

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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