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US Moves to Liquidate $117 Million in Bitcoin from Silk Road Case

Walter Swift

ByWalter Swift

Jan 25, 2024
The US Government Is Targeting Crypto And Crypto Firms

The U.S. government, seizing $117 million in Bitcoin from the Silk Road crackdown, announces an upcoming auction of the cryptocurrency, marking a significant stride in combating dark web crime. This event targets the substantial assets accumulated from the notorious online black market, Silk Road.

Over $117 Million in Bitcoin to be Auctioned by U.S. After Seizure from Farace Family

The U.S. Justice Department has announced the recovery of over 2,933 Bitcoins, worth approximately $117 million, from the Farace family. This follows the recent sentencing of Ryan Farace, 38, and his father Joseph Farace, 72.

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A published forfeiture notice details the government’s intention to auction these digital assets, in accordance with directives from the U.S. Attorney General.

The notice specifies that parties with an interest in the assets, except for the defendants, must file a petition within 60 days from January 10, 2024. Once petitions are resolved or the filing period lapses, the government will obtain clear ownership. This allows the U.S. to lawfully sell the Bitcoin to any qualified buyer or transferee.

The Silk Road Saga Continues

The notorious Silk Road case, a focal point of public intrigue for years, has advanced with the recent sentencing of Ryan and Joseph Farace. Ryan, who had a 2018 conviction, operated under the alias ‘Xanaxman’ on dark web markets, including Silk Road, selling Xanax pills. The government uncovered that he amassed over 9,138 Bitcoins from these activities, valued at around $364 million.

Surprisingly, despite only forfeiting 24 Bitcoin in 2020 and claiming restricted access to the rest, evidence surfaced of Ryan instructing his father to transfer 2,874 Bitcoin to an associate in 2020, attempting to relocate the funds abroad. This scheme was later acknowledged in their plea agreements.

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In the latest legal proceedings, Ryan Farace received an added 54 months in federal prison on January 5, while his father, Joseph, was given a 19-month sentence followed by two years of supervised release.

A Milestone in Combatting Dark Web Financial Networks

The imminent auction of Bitcoin seized in the Silk Road case marks a pivotal moment in the battle against the financial foundations of illegal dark web marketplaces. This action reflects the U.S. government’s commitment to tackling cybercrime, underscoring the growing importance of cryptocurrencies in both lawful and unlawful transactions.

The sale of this significant Bitcoin cache could influence the cryptocurrency market, though the exact impact is yet uncertain. The auction is poised to draw intense interest from both cryptocurrency investors and observers tracking the government’s efforts in fighting cybercrime and shutting down illegal online platforms.

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Walter Swift

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