• Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Ultron Foundation Launches First-Ever Single Native Layer 1 Coin (ULX)

Ultron Foundation


Ultron Foundation confirmed a long-awaited launch of the Layer 1 blockchain technology that is set to revolutionize crypto space as people know it. The introduction of the first-ever single native layer 1 coin (ULX), came as a surprise to the anticipating crypto community, for it introduced a solution that marks the next step in crypto evolution.

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Ultron’s vision is to become a rich ecosystem of services rather than a network of competing projects that use independently operating tokens as a substitute for a standalone system – all within the power of one cohesive Layer-1 blockchain coin.

Single Native Layer 1 coin: Beginning of a New Crypto Era

Crypto space is as confusing as it is exciting, and it is getting more complex by the day. This growing complexity and confusion are making it hard for regular people to get involved in crypto. Being aware of the issue of comprehension, the team behind Ultron set out a clear vision: to enable anyone, no matter their economic background and technological understanding, to participate in the future of digital assets.

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Following the principal idea of Geoffrey Moore’s famous book “Crossing the Chasm” the team believes it is time for crypto to cross the bridge from crypto being early adopters centric to becoming a solution for wider public.

When speaking of the reality of the general public not entering crypto space, a Ultron’s representative noted: “We understand that mass adoption of any coin is not a reality, as long as the user has to acquire and hold three or more different tokens, most likely on different wallets, only to participate in simple operations like lending, borrowing, transacting and ultimately investing assets for the long term”.

The instance of the general public not taking part in crypto world is bound to change with the implementation of a single native Layer 1 coin (ULX). One single ecosystem will grant its users the access to all the digital assets they require; multitude of applications and services all in one place. The mainnet launch will soon be followed by a launch of a native Ultron Swap dApp, which will be the first of many Ultron’s native dApps rolling out in the near future. Based on Ultron’s roadmap and whitepaper, their ecosystem will include various dApps, stemming from a decentralized exchange (DEX), De-Fi applications, such as farming, swapping and liquidity pools, a native NFT platform and much more.

Building a wholesome ecosystem is just one side of the coin, as for an ecosystem like that to function, one needs more than just a bundle of interconnected applications. The system has to be secure and fast, while offering competitive transaction fees. Ultron, with its Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, offers just that. Its powerful network allows transactions to be carried out almost instantaneously and at a fraction of the cost.

Having a single native Layer 1 coin also guarantees considerable savings on transaction costs, eliminating the need for a user to exchange tokens for different operations altogether. Ultron’s team acknowledges that for the majority of time crypto assets are not actively used, so their users will have an easy option to stake their ULX holdings. Staking will be easily done through a simple user interface where users will have the option to stake their ULX at will with a validator node. By doing that, they will be able to receive an APY of 5%, or lock up their coins for a period of two weeks up to 365 days for a proportional reward rate up to 13% APY.

About Ultron Foundation

Ultron Foundation is an emerging blockchain project that aims to offer scalability, security, and faster transaction throughputs, without compromising one for another. By adopting cutting-edge technologies and developing its native token, ULX, the team is on the fast track of becoming one of the new leaders in crypto space. Ultron Foundation is building a wholesome ecosystem that will roll out new dApps rapidly, first of them being released in the next two weeks, and even more to come at the end of the month.

Social Links

Whitepaper: https://ultron.foundation/about

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ultron_found

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ultron.foundation

GitHub: https://github.com/orgs/UltronFoundationDev/repositories

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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