Twitch ported its user-friendly Studio software to macOS

Why it matters: Being stuck at home has had many trying new things to keep entertained. Streaming on Twitch can be fun and a great outlet to interact with like-minded people, but starting up a nice looking Twitch channel can be intimidating. Fortunately, Twitch has been perfecting an app to help newcomers, and today it is finally available for Mac users.

On Wednesday, Twitch launched a macOS version of its noob-friendly streaming software, Twitch Studio. Like its Windows counterpart, the app is still in the open beta phase, so there may be some bugs to work out. However, the platform is functional enough to get those new to streaming up and running in minutes.

The company has been working on Twitch Studio for quite a while. The app first released in a closed beta in August 2019. By November, Twitch had decided it was stable enough to open the beta to the public, but it only had a Windows version. Thanks to several creators requesting Twitch expand the app to other devices, developers went ahead and ported Studio to macOS.

The software is geared toward novice streamers or those who are not ready to shell out for all the professional broadcasting equipment that so many veterans use on the platform. It has a simplified setup process to get users online right away and has many helpful tools to make their productions look professional.

The app integrates smoothly with the Twitch website, providing built-in alerts, chat, and overlays. It also has several templates for setting up the channel’s page, making it much more straightforward than adding modules manually.

If you have iPhone or iPad content, it can screen share those devices and put them right into your stream. Studio supports several brands of popular capture cards, including Elgato and Avermedia, but Twitch says it is still working on capture card support, and you may run into issues.

Twitch has also added some cool new features since launching into open beta. One of the handiest tools is the “One-Click Green Screen (chroma key).” Setting up chroma key can be a hassle, so developers added a tool that auto-detects your green screen and optimizes the settings, so you don’t have to tweak them manually.

Check out the rest of the newly added features in Twitch’s update blog. You can download and install the Mac version directly from the website, but Twitch recommends running on Mojave 10.14 or later.

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