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Tube2 Becomes a Hotcake after the Official Launch on LBANK

NEW YORK, Sept. 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, TUBE2 has officially launched on the LBANK exchange. And the TUBE2/ETH trading pair has been opened. The launch on LBANK exchange provides a wider channel for the value exchange and value circulation of the QUATRO ecosystem. And it is highly sought after by users and fans. At the same time, TUBE2 has increased by 4674% within 24 hours after its launch (as of press time), which also proves its intrinsic value.

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Since the birth of Bitcoin, the blockchain has brought too many changes to the world. Although each of the current blockchain systems has certain users, such as public chains Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as various DApps running on them. However, the overall blockchain network is segmented. Each blockchain system is an island of information. Many cross-chain activities cannot occur and proceed safely, and they cannot communicate with each other. These problems have greatly hindered the ecological development of DeFi 2.0. For example, the smart contract of Ethereum cannot obtain the circulation of Bitcoin’s Token, which greatly reduces the performance and scalability of the blockchain. Therefore, building a world that can support multiple blockchain networks in parallel, allowing each chain to perform its duties for a specific scenario, and at the same time communicate with each other, is the inevitable law and ideal result of blockchain development.

TUBE2 belongs to the liquidity token of Eswap under the QUATRO ecosystem. It is a token built on Ethereum. Through cross-chain technology, the information interaction between the dual main chains can be realized to ensure that the system can have both high scalability, high security and high efficiency. Moreover, Eswap is also actively engaged in in-depth cooperation with more ecosystems, including aggregators and GAMEFI which will also quickly attract the attention of the industry, allowing traditional CEX and emerging DEX to do more integration and complementation, thereby enhancing the value of TUBE2, give back to more users and investors. The QUATRO ecological platform is committed to integrating the DeFi ecosystem and building a complete set of decentralized financial solutions through the creation of high-performance blockchain application layer smart contracts, and hence establishing a new digital economy and financial ecosystem. Since its establishment, QUATRO has continuously won high recognitions from industry insiders. In April 2021, QUATRO stood out from more than 1,000 projects worldwide and won the “Most Promising DeFi Ecology Award”.

Since the birth of the QUATRO ecosystem, it has been receiving attention from users all over the world. The launch of TUBE2 on the LBANK exchange will attract more users’ attention and understanding of QUATRO. It is believed that the active users of QUATRO ecosystem will usher in a new round of growth.

In the future, LBank and Quatro Ecosystem will work together to enhance the development of digital finance, DEFI, and GAMEFI in the global field, provide users with faster and more convenient digital financial services, and allow global users to share the benefits of the digital economy era.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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