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BALI Luxury Travel NFT Set to Launch on Oct.4

Disruptive Technology to Save Tourism – First Test: BALI, Scheduled for Oct 4

NEW YORK, Sept. 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, Galileo Future Travel team has announced the launch of BALI Luxury Travel NFT on Oct 4, 2021. People are focusing on BALI for the first launch because of the positive social economic impact it will have on the local community (see Appendix A). The current Set of BALI Entitlement NFTs can be seen at https://galileotravel.app/p2pmarketplace (Examples in Appendix B). The system is also connected to an ecosystem where investors can earn free travel, have masterminds with the world’s thought leaders, and mix with jetsetters at global jetsetter parties that support the less fortunate.

While blockchain is not new, to date, applications have been focused only on technology and recently art and music through NFTs… but to solve Real World Problems and Reward people for doing it… that is disruptive, even in the blockchain sphere.

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Galileo Future Travel’s innovation takes “Buy Low, Sell high”, combines it with real world Travel, Experience, and blockchain technology to create Experience NFTs to help Tourism NOW. With the support of SuperLauncher, a future minded Crypto Launchpad on the Binance Smart Chain, the first BALI Series of NFTs are being launched on October 4.

By creating artistic NFT digital Smart contracts, gamifying the investment/experience system, and offering Pandemic priced Travel Experiences valid till end of 2025… Galileo is connecting Crypto investment with real world value and opening a new revenue source to the tourism sector that can be accessed now when it is needed by BALI tourism related businesses to support local employment.

Investors/NFT buyers are rewarded as tourism returns as the tangible value of each Entitlement NFT can be sold or traded at higher Market rates… currently 3 to 7 times higher than pandemic prices.

According to Arthur Carmazzi, owner of Galileo and, ranked as the world’s #1 thought leader in Organizational Culture and ’10 in Leadership bestselling author, “This is not just about investment or travel, it is about lifestyle, WHO people meet, HOW people grow, and HOW people make an impact in the world.”

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The Ecosystem is fuelled by the TRVL token which is gaining liquidity from the sale of NFTs. Stakers of TRVL earn t-shares used to trade for these lifestyle experiences. When experiences are bought and used, the system also rewards users with rare live Traveller, Jetsetter and Explorer NFTs.

A recent survey indicated that 84% of investors were interested to buy luxury holiday experiences as NFTs to either use or sell when tourism picked up. “This is a Crypto Crash proof investment,” says Carmazzi, “because it relies on the tourism market, not on the crypto market, and is fuelled by the two biggest human desires, to experience more life and more wealth.”

Galileo is also hooked up with the forward thinking BALI Tourism Authority to bring this project to the international stage, and while many hotels and experiences waiting to see the outcome of this first sale, many future minded organizations including the King of Kerambitan, and Mayor of Tabanan are jumping on and supporting the future of tourism and the wellbeing of BALI.

APPENDIX A – Background

Asia has been the hardest hit by the pandemic, but from the thousands of popular Travel Destinations, BALI has been the hardest hit with 82% of its population relying on tourism. #1 on the Forbes 50 Place to travel to, BALI offers everything to the traveler… super luxury, adventure, cultural immersion, health & wellness, and even spiritual enlightenment.

But most hotels, villas, transport aggregators, theme parks, and entertainment services are struggling to make a basic living. After 19 months, they cannot pay their workers even basic salaries. And the current state of the market is set up to pay only when a reservation is used in an environment where no one really knows when restrictions will be lifted. Not helpful in surviving now.

APPENDIX B – Examples

This first NFT launch scheduled for Oct 4, includes experiences like:

Being the Kings and Queens of the 12 room Avalon Castle in Ubud for 3 days with all the royal treatment including, entourage, police escort, meeting the Kerambitan BALI royalty and more.

Unique personal Adventures with the BALI Elephants from Mason Adventures were most of the proceed go to the Save the Elephants foundation.

A Private Luxury Terrace Villa at the Viceroy BALI for 3 days inclusive of daily massage and gourmet meals.

Plus, rooms, villas, rafting, ATV adventures and more.

For more information about the NFT sale or being a part of the Galileo project, please get in touch with:

Galileo: [email protected] (NFT Images are available on Request)

Media Contact

Brand: Galileo Future Travel

Contact: Media Team

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: https://travelfutures.club/

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.